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News Sites Database - List of All News Websites

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Great News For You!List of All News Websites contains the contact details for all online news websites. Ideal for all forms of B2B marketing: newsletters and email blasts, telesales, direct mail, social media marketing campaigns and market rese...

Great News For You!

List of All News Websites contains the contact details for all online news websites. Ideal for all forms of B2B marketing: newsletters and email blasts, telesales, direct mail, social media marketing campaigns and market research. Free lifetime updates to news websites email list. Instant access to the list of online news sites upon payment. Download now.

It’s official. The internet is taking control over the traditional news industry. Millennial news companies like Buzzfeed, Vicemedia and Vox are gradually taking over the scenes. As web and mobile become more prevalent in our society, traditional news publishers such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington post, have made the switch onto the digital platform to remain competitive. 

As mankind craves for more information, the news industry has never been more lucrative. Thanks to the growing proportion of digital news consumers, the digital news industry has been growing at a steady pace of 9.8% a year. With the subscription-based business model in place, news companies are now able to build their base of loyal customers. It’s safe to say, traditional news companies have finally found their cornerstone in the digital space.

Why Should I Be Interested In This Business?

But, what does the competition between traditional print media and online news media got to do with you? Nothing, except that the growth potential of this industry should interest you.

To list some figures, Google made a whopping $4.7B from the news industry, while the New York Times generated more than $709M in digital revenue. It’s more than a window of opportunity; it’s a gold mine!

You might not have the right tools to mine it, but we can give them you (At a relatively small price.) At Creative Bear Tech, we provide our customers the highest quality leads ever. But, our B2B Sales Leads are not for everybody; they’re for hustlers. They’re for entrepreneurs who genuinely want to grow their business. Read along, only if you’re the real go-getter.

Who Needs Our B2B Sales Leads?


I’m sure you know how a news publisher makes money. They need your expertise to dish out  compelling ads that convert. And that’s where you come into play. Experience the most accurate B2B contact list with us. Grab the contact list of the biggest news publishers and land yourself a high paying job. Just craft a persuasive email, and send them a sample of your work (that shouldn’t be tough for you right?) They’ll be more than happy to pay a real wordsmith.

Social Media Marketing Agency

Every big company needs someone to manage their social media profiles. Social platforms establish their trust and authority with the public. And there you are, the master of social engagement. Sure, you might be a genius at generating leads on social media. But, are you getting solid leads that reach out into their pockets and pay you? Our B2B sales leads are different. They’re leads that guarantee you a pocket full of money. 

Hurry up! Empower your lead generation with us.

Content writer

News is nothing without a superb content writer. They need your masterful use of words to spice things up to whip up the next piece of breaking news. But, the catch is, they don’t know who you are. Our B2B sales leads can help you make yourself known to their editor-in-chief. It’s a ‘one click solution’ to your jobless days. Grab your copy and start cooking up a storm!

News Sites Database - List of All News Websites

How Are Your Sales Leads Created?

Your sales leads are generated in the most comprehensive manner ever. We employ experienced IT experts and cutting-edge technologies to make sure that your list is highly targeted and accurate.

Let me explain to you how it works.

At Creative Bear Tech, we generate your sales leads using a method called ‘web scraping’. Basically, we scan through every search engine to create your B2B database. By employing an all-inclusive method, we’re able to ensure that your B2B database is chock-full of industry-relevant high quality leads.

To achieve this level of quality, we perform web scraping on two levels. Firstly, our software looks for keywords that are present in body content. This makes sure that the emails are collected from topically relevant websites. Then, we introduce domain filters to make a second set of email, where the domain name must contain our industry-related keyword. Next, we verify the validity of the email by checking, the word arrangement of the email address, the activeness of its inbox, and the responsiveness of its website.

This method ensures that our contact lists are still alive and kickin’ in the industry!

How Do I Use This?

Email Marketing

According to a B2B research, every $1 you put in email marketing yields $43 in return. So, imagine if you had access to all the emails in your target industry. You’ll be rich! Mail merge your compelling message, and send it to all your prospects. With our accurate B2B contact list, your message is sure to pop up in their inbox!


Did you know? Sales reps can spend up to 40% of their time looking for someone to call. With us, you can decrease the number to zero. Because, we provide the most comprehensive B2B contact list you’ll ever see. Take control of the steering wheel, and stop making your sales team search high and low for prospects. Instead, deliver the leads right to their table, and let them do their real job – which is called making sales. 

Be a proactive leader. Start helping your sales team to close your future clients with our sales leads.

Social Media Marketing

I can’t stress enough on custom audience targeting. Research shows that it drives down the cost-per-click cost by 74%. It’s truly a magical tool that increases the relevance score of your ads. Problem is, you probably don’t have a list of your own. If you haven’t built your own email list, buy a pre-built one from us. It’s a fairly small investment for the returns you’re going to make. 

Why Work With Us?

We spent thousands of hours perfecting the right technique to provide our customers the “right” list. What’s the “right” list? It’s the list that contains B2B contacts who takes your business to the next level. Through our proven methodologies, we’re able to come up with super comprehensive, and highly targeted B2B email lists of your desired niche. By providing these accurate B2B email lists, we’ve helped 1,000 start-ups gain traction in their field.

Our B2B email lists remains evergreen. We do a daily update to ensure that our customers are getting their money’s worth. Don’t worry about the extra cost for the updates. There’s none! Just remember to head over to the members’ area, and download the latest version.

I know our business sounds a little bit sketchy. Because of all those “data harvesting” controversies found online, many are afraid that marketing these databases are illegal. As the rules for B2B data processing differs from private individuals, I assure you it’s just a common misunderstanding in the B2B lead generation business. We’re 100% GDPR compliant. Daily checks are done to ensure any of the B2B contacts who opted out are removed from the database immediately. So, don’t sweat over it, and safely set up your marketing campaign if you’re using our B2B databases designated for Europe!

Minimise your downtime with us. We have a team of professionals who are always on standby mode. If you run into some problems, just contact our friendly customer service, and we’ll be assisting you in no time.

Order Your Copy Today!

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