16 June 2020 07:41 am
Major Updates to Our Social Media Bots
Following the release of our social media bots back in 2018, we are in the process of making major updates and improvements to all of our social media bots, including:

Pinky's Celebrity Club Instagram Manager

Minik's Social Signals Boss Twitter Poster

Minik's Social Signals Boss Pinterest Poster

Minik's Social Signals Boss Tumblr Poster

Kiskis Crazy Pants Shopify Contact Form Submitter

Mop Mop's Leads Gold Mine Wix Website Contact Form Poster

Ivy's B2B Leads Miner Yellow Pages  Scraper

Moggy's Shopify Product Reviews Generator

16 June 2020 07:38 am
Auto Updates Added to the Search Engine Scraper
We have added an auto update feature to the Search Engine Scraper and E-Mail Extractor. Whenever there is a new update, you will see a yellow button at the top right hand side corner of the main GUI.
19 November 2019 06:51 pm
Search Engine Scraper Version 1.1.4 Released
  • Updated Google Map scraper
  • Simplified The footprints tool, merge the keywords with every single/multiple footprints.
  • Add public proxies scraper tool, auto-check and verify the public proxies, automatically remove non-working proxies and scrape new proxies every X number of minutes.
  • Scraping business name, Add the name of the business name to our results.
  • Add an option to disable the real-time view of results, this option will reduce the consumption of processing power. 
  •  Enhance auto resolving the captcha issue
03 October 2019 02:24 pm
Beauty Industry Database
Beauty and Cosmetics Industry Database has been released!
29 August 2019 08:44 pm
NEW UPDATE! Version 1.1.3 of the Search Engine Scraper Released was released!
  • Updated Google Map scraper
  • Added setting for enabling/disabling the application logs [this can enhance the scrapers speed]
07 June 2019 01:02 pm
Search Engine Scraper Release.
Search Engine Scraper is being beta tested and is due to be released very soon. Watch this space.