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Monthly CBD SEO Backlinks, CBD Advertising and CBD Digital Marketing Package

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An Introduction to Our Monthly CBD...


An Introduction to Our Monthly CBD SEO Backlinks, CBD Advertising and CBD Digital Marketing Package

My Approach and Strategy to Vape and CBD SEO Work

Before I jump into the details, I wanted to take a moment to talk about my approach to SEO work. My package is very transparent and I signpost exactly what you will receive. There are no hidden fees or catches. All of the work will be carried out by my team of ten people. You will receive a very personal and bespoke SEO service. I have created a frequently asked questions section at the bottom of the page in case you need some clarification about this SEO package. You can click on each site link to explore each site. The link will open in a new tab.

One-off backlink services are great if you know what you are doing. You may have purchased one-off backlink services for CBD and vape websites from popular freelance sites such as Sweaty Quid. The problem is that these standalone services will rarely make a substantial difference to your website's rankings and sales. I prefer to do things properly and do whatever needs to be done to rank your hemp, vape or CBD site. Over the years, I have tried and tested a myriad of SEO backlinks strategies and I therefore know what works and what does not work. I have put all of these backlink services into one package that is guaranteed to deliver solutions.

When it comes to building backlinks for vape, CBD and hemp businesses, I take a very unique approach. Once I have build all the backlinks going directly to the "money" site, I like to build tier 2 and tier 3 mixed backlinks to these tier 1 links (going to your website). Tiered link building not only help to pass on more authority to the "money" site but it also helps to index all backlinks naturally. In SEO world, it does not matter how many quality backlinks you build. What matters is the speed at which you index them. Instead of using a search engine indexer right off the bat, I like to get the search engines to index all the links naturally by picking up the tier 2 and tier 3 backlinks.

I have noticed a trend where a lot of SEO marketers are conducting guest post outreach campaigns. Whilst I agree that this is a popular way of building quality backlinks, it is also a very expensive and risky approach. Firstly, it is next to impossible to get free guest posts on quality sites as webmasters are beginning to realise that backlinks cost money. Expect to pay at least $300 to $500 for a quality guest post. Secondly, I have seen where backlinks are arbitrarily removed or made no follow by the webmasters. Thirdly, a couple of guest posts could easily cost you $1000+ and will not impart much value to your site and will definitely not translate into short-term results by way of sales or increased traffic.

Over the years, I have forged relationships with powerful websites who allow me to guest post for a fraction of the price they would normally charge anyone else. Likewise, I am constantly reinvesting about 50% of my proceeds in growing my website network. This involves me acquiring very powerful domains that have stellar metrics and backlinks from top magazines and news sites and then building new sites from them. I then guest post to these sites in bulk. I am constantly powering up my network of sites by building links to them. 

All of the above allows me to provide effective and working solutions to my clients. No speculation, no ifs or buts, JUST PURE RESULTS.

What are CBD Backlinks and Why they Are Important for Your Site: Traffic, Money and Sales

This CBD SEO Backlinks Package focuses predominantly on quality vape and CBD backlinks. Backlinks are a crucial part of off-page SEO. Off-Page SEO refers to any SEO work that is performed without touching the website. On the other hand, On-Page SEO refers to all the work done on a website. A backlink is simply a link to a site from another site. Here is an example: Monthly CBD SEO Backlinks Package. In the eyes of the search engines, each quality backlink acts as a vote of confidence for your website and the search engines such as Google and Bing then move up your website on the search engines results pages (SERPs). As a website acquire more and more quality vape backlinks, its domain authority will start to strengthen (MOZ metric), its Alexa site traffic will increase, the trust flow will improve (Majestic metric). All of this will allow a vape shop or an e-liquid manufacturer to rank much higher on the search engines for a set of keywords. When a website appears higher on the SERPs, it will receive more traffic and ultimately more sales.

However, it is worth noting that not all backlinks are equal and poor quality backlinks will not have any effect for your vape shop SEO. Previously, junk and bad backlinks could damage your site (Penguin algorithm update), but since this strategy was commonly misused for negative SEO purposes, bad and junk links are simply devalued and do not pass on any SEO advantages to a site.

Conversely, backlinks coming from CBD, Hemp and Vape Related websites will pass on a vast amount of relevance and power to a website. Likewise, backlinks from non-relevant sites will also pass on link juice/SEO advantage to a website so long as those website's domain has enough authority. To best illustrate this, think of a popular magazine such as Vogue, Tatler, Allure, Cosmopolitan or even a newspaper such as The Guardian, Financial Times and so on. These magazines and newspapers publish articles on a myriad of topics and are not related to one niche. Backlinks from these publications are extremely authoritative and will pass a clear SEO advantage to any website. 

The DNA of a CBD Backlink

Backlinks come in two different forms: DO FOLLOW and NO FOLLOW. DO FOLLOW Backlinks pass on backlink equity to a site and NO FOLLOW links do not pass on any link equity/SEO advantage to a site. The best types of backlinks are contextual backlinks or backlinks that appear within content. This typically refers to blog posts and articles. In order for a backlink to pass on the most SEO power to a site, it should come within a unique and quality article and be a DO FOLLOW link. The next important consideration is the anchor text of a backlink. The anchor text is the text that appears on top of the backlink. Anchor texts will tell the search engines what your website is about and the anchor text will help to influence the keywords that your website will rank for. There are a few types of anchor texts, please see the examples below:

  • Money keywords: these are the core keywords that you would like to rank for. Examples could include Vape shop, CBD Marketplace, Vape Shop Directory and so on.
  • Partial Match Anchor Text: these are the money keywords nested inside additional text. For example, if we take the money keywords from the above example, we would could have "Best vape shop in London".
  • Branded Anchor Text: This is the name of your company or brand. For example, Vapetelligent, Creative Bear Tech, Sweaty Quid, The Eliquid Boutique and so on.
  • Domain as Anchor Text/Naked Anchor Text: this is where you use the domain name as the anchor text. For example,,,
  • Generic Anchor Text: these are generic and natural keywords such as click here, learn more and so on.

Having analysed the different types of anchor texts, it is important to note that a natural mix of all the above anchor texts should be used in different ratios.

What you will receive with your Monthly SEO Backlinks Package

Vape and CBD Backlinks SEO Package

The below CBD SEO package is pretty much all that you need to start ranking your CBD, Hemp or Vape website on the search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. The pricing is indicated for each set of backlink categories so you can buy whatever you want or alternatively, you can buy the entire package at a significantly discounted rate. I recommend that you purchase the entire package for the best results because it will provide you with a one-stop-shop for your website's SEO and will provide you with a great amount of backlink diversity.

Below is my slightly improved strategy for ranking on the search engines. I have used this strategy with some of the leading vape and cbd companies and this strategy works wonders every single time. I have also partnered up with some big companies and have gained access to their resources which are otherwise closed to the public and most people. This package is insanely powerful and will definitely allow you to dominate the search engines with relative ease.

Our monthly CBD SEO Backlinks package is created for all types of CBD and hemp related companies. This CBD backlinks package focuses on the off-page element of SEO. As you may have noticed, the CBD market has virtually exploded quite recently and almost everyone is trying to hop on the gravy train. Unlike vaping, CBD products have a much wider appeal in terms of the target clientele and therefore, the market is extremely lucrative. Having a great hemp or CBD website is not enough. In order to get more site traffic and generate more sales, you need to invest more into search engine optimisation. Backlinks play a very important role in how well a site ranks on the search engines. Each backlink translates into a vote of confidence for the search engines who will then rank your website higher for your set of chosen keywords (keywords that are used as anchors). However, not all backlinks are equal and it is important to ensure that each backlink comes from a CBD or at least cbd, hemp or vape related site or a resource. Also, it is important to pay attention to the domain metrics to ensure that your backlink is coming from a clean and trusted resource (good trust flow) and a powerful domain authority (MOZ metric). 

All links are of the highest quality and will provide your website with a massive SEO boost.

What you should expect from this Vape and CBD SEO Package

  • Improved rankings for your chosen set of keywords
  • More organic traffic
  • More sales
  • An improvement in your website's domain authority and stats

The aim of our CBD SEO Backlinks Package is to rank your CBD website higher on the search engines for your set of chosen keywords. By creating quality links on CBD-related resources, we will begin to rank your website for a set of your chosen keywords. As your site moves up in ranks for various keywords, your traffic should begin to increase and subsequently, you should be generating more sales. Once we have created all the backlinks for your site, we will power those links up using tier 2 links such as forum posts, blog comments, wiki articles, social bookmarks, etc. The idea is to strengthen those backlinks and increase the amount of juice that they pass to your website.

Guest Post Backlinks on Authority Sites

This is hot off the press. I have just acquired over 100 expired domains at an auction that have backlinks on top magazines and news sites, inlcuding,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

As you can see, every site will pass on very valuable link equity directly to your site! These are not your typical and random sites. Here are some fun facts to help to illustrate the quality of my sites. Among my sites, I have acquired a domain that used to belong to the main person behind GTA V video game graphics, one of USA president's daughters, a global fashion brand with backlinks sprinkled across all major magazines and newspapers and much more! As you can see, each site is priceless and has cost me a fair bit of money. Moreover, these domains used to be famous brands (top magazines and news sites only feature quality sites and mostly, brands). Each domain has very good DA and trust flow. I have now set up a PBN for each domain using different themes and hosting providers. The plan would be to post English and translated CBD articles to each site. Google treats translated articles as unique and they work exceptionally well. Every article would be unique and optimised for SEO and contain images and YouTube videos.

Once we have created the guest post. We would then create tier 2, 3 and even 4 mixed backlinks (social media signals, forum posts, PDF sharing, wiki articles, CBD blog links, social bookmarks). The idea here is to pass link juice all the way to our guest posts and after that, to your website.

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