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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Email List for B2B Marketing

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A Quick Overview of Global Database of All Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Websites and Business Contact Details

Our Cryptocu...


A Quick Overview of Global Database of All Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Websites and Business Contact Details

Our Cryptocurrency Email List is perfect for connecting your business to cryptocurrency sites.

You will receive a Global Database of All Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Websites and Business Contact Details. The cryptocurrency database contains practically all types of crypto and blockchain sites, including but not limited to ICO sites, wallets, crypto exchanges, blockchain news sites, forums, tech and trading sites and much more. The B2B marketing list comes in an Excel .csv format and contains the following contact details: emails, websites, addresses, phone numbers and social media links.

Ideal for:

  • telesales
  • e-mail blasts
  • newsletter campaigns
  • direct mail marketing
  • guest posting to improve your backlink profile and off-page SEO.

As the crypto industry is very fast-moving, we do a lot of updates to this particular database as there are new sites coming out every single day. You will receive free lifetime updates.

This business-to-business data base is crated using our proprietary Search Engine Scraper by Creative Bear Tech. This is the most accurate and powerful website scraper and e-mail extractor that allows us to generate extremely targeted and accurate B2B leads. Our software is run on extremely powerful dedicated servers with thousands of private dedicated proxies.

All data is GDPR compliant as per our GDPR policy.

How Our Cryptocurrency Business Leads Can Help Your Business: Connecting the Dots

Our cryptocurrency B2B marketing list can help your business to promote your goods and services to virtually all types of cryptocurrency websites. You can even use the blockchain contact details to do a guest blog post outreach to build some quality and crypto-related niche backlinks to help to improve your off-page SEO and organic rankings. Our B2B marketing list simply connects the dots between you and your business.

Sample of Our Cryptocurrency Business Marketing List

Screenshot 1

How We Prepare Our Cryptocurrency Marketing List: Clean and Comprehensive

Our cryptocurrency B2B marketing list is prepared using our proprietary Search Engine Scraper. We load in thousands of cryptocurrency-related keywords and configure the filters. The software then goes out to all search engines, Google Maps, social media platforms and popular business directories and collects all the cryptocurrency related business contact details. Our web scraper is configured to only harvest websites that contain cryptocurrency-related keywords in their meta titles and descriptions: this helps to ensure that we are only collecting websites that are truly cryptocurrency related and filter out non-relevant results. Our website scraper and email extractor is running on a very powerful dedicated server using thousands of private proxies and remote captcha solving services. This helps us to compile very comprehensive and clean blockchain sales leads.

What You Will Receive

Upon payment, you will receive access to your member's area where you will be able to download the cryptocurrency marketing list. All future updates will be automatically saved in your member's area. Please note, you will need to download win rar extraction software in order to extract all the files. You can do so from here: marketing list comes in an Excel file and contains the following data:

  • Website: 50169
  • Email: 50169
  • Telephone: 16188
  • Social Media Links: 59943
  • Sample Screenshots: 1

Above, you can see sample screenshots of our cryptocurrency B2B marketing list.

Our Database of All Cryptocurrency Sites contains the websites, emails, addresses, phone numbers and social media links of practically all cryptocurrency sites out there: Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Bitcoin Exchanges, Cryptocurrency News, Cryptocurrency Wallets, Crypto Margin Trading, Cryptocurrency Forums, Peer To Peer Cryptocurrency, Reddit Cryptocurrency, Crypto News Aggregators, Cryptocurrency Gambling, Desktop Wallet, Bitcoin Options, Altcoin Exchange, Cryptocurrency Accounting, Android Wallet App, Cryptocurrency Lending, iOS Crypto Wallet, Cryptocurrency Blogs, Cryptocurrency Charts, Best Cryptocurrency Apps iOS, Cryptocurrency Statistics, Buy With Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency Mining, Mining Pools, How To Mine Bitcoin, Crypto Exchange Data, Cryptocurrency Guide, Crypto Chrome Extensions, Bitcoin Documentary, Blockchain Developer, Cryptocurrency Podcast, Crypto Calendar, Bitcoin Calculator, Cryptocurrency Exchange Fees, Bitcoin Nodes, Crypto Video Knowledge, Best Blockchain Books, Cryptocurrency Android Apps, Blockchain Events, Blockchain Security, Bitcoin Legal, Bitcoin YouTube, Bitcoin Twitter, Professional Cryptocurrency Trader, Bitcoin Charity, Telegram Cryptocurrency, Facebook Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency Beginners, Cryptocurrency Discord, Ted Talks Cryptocurrency, Crypto Trading Bot, Crypto Magazines.

Global Database of All Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Websites and Business Contact Details

Cryptocurrency: An Overview

There was once a time when Cryptocurrency was seen as just a digital novelty. Have you heard of Bitcoin? Of course you have. But chances are, you probably scoffed when it first hit the market. After all, it’s a digital currency, made up of nothing but code. What could it possibly be worth?

But did you know a single Bitcoin in the US was worth $120 in September 2013? And did you know it peaked at $17,060 a sale in December 2017, making everybody lucky enough to have so little into a millionaire almost overnight? After all, a 14,216% return on investment is something even the best investors in the world can’t boast. Now imagine having some US marking lead lists at your disposal...

How can digital currency help you?

Bitcoin. Litecoin. Ethereum. Ripple. There’s dozens of them out there, and they bring a plethora of benefits to the market.

Immediate payments. It cuts out the middle man in business and property transactions. Lawyers. Solicitors and other expensive services become almost redundant.

Better safety. No more providing credit information to merchants. Being a digital currency, boiling down to zeroes and ones, it can push the exact amount needed onto a recipient without needing to hold any further information.

Free from the legislation. It’s not bound by the authorities of exchange rates and surcharges, or even international sanctions. From any country to any other country, it makes transactions easy and holds proportional value.

Introducing our global Cryptocurrency mailing list

Our Global Cryptocurrency mailing list has been master-crafted to be your encyclopedia of business leads tailored towards this growing currency. You’ll find all of the following:

Names of almost every cryptocurrency vendor.

E-mail addresses and contact details.

Telephone numbers for those sellers who possess a physical presence.

Links to social media pages for vendors.

Much, much more.

How Our Database of Cryptocurrency Websites Can Help Your Business

Our Cryptocurrency Email List encompasses everything from ICO (initial coin offering) sites, blockchain news sites, blogs to crypto trading and technology sites. In very simple terms, our blockchain email list will connect your business to all the cryptocurrency sites. Our database of all cryptocurrency websites is perfect for companies offering IT and SEO services, financial organizations, and any other type of business interested in doing business or partnering up with cryptocurrency sites.

Why choose us?

On top of that, our mailing lists come in an easy to follow Excel .csv spreadsheet, and even come grouped by country for specially targeted marketing and building your web of contacts.

With our up to date B2B email lists, you’ll be connected to thousands of potential sellers and buyers in the market at the swipe of a mouse. And each and every one of them is verified, up-to-date and most of all, accurate. Effortlessly build up sales leads with our remarkable database which is guaranteed to receive lifetime updates, free of charge.

The applications of our Cryptocurrency B2B Mailing List

There are dozens of advantages our mailing lists provide, and dozens of more ways to use and benefit from it!

Thinking of launching your very own currency, and need potential outlets to reach the market? You’ll need to collaborate. And what better way than by approaching those who’ve already been selling it successfully? Our B2B data gives you the tools you need to do just that.

Need a touch of caution? Needing to gauge the market? The B2B mailing list makes this extremely easy, allowing time-consuming market research to be a thing of the past!

Cut down on the time you need to shake all those hands, attend all of those seminars, and wear out your fingers constructing your own B2B mailing lists. We’ve done the hard work for you, and compiled it all into this colossal package.

Cryptocurrency is a fast-paced and quickly growing industry. And that’s what makes these details an absolute must-have.

It’s already aided the growth of several currencies and allowed businesses and individuals alike to tap into this miniature goldmine of profit just waiting to be taken.

How many ways you can use our international database for your very own B2B marketing


If you’ve ever had an email address in your life, you’ll know this is a common one for companies all over the world. With the handy Excel spreadsheet at your fingertips, one flick of the mouse, and a drop and drag into your subscriber's list, and you can send your marketing global with the touch of a button, all before your morning cup of tea!


It takes just a moment of thought and personalization, but even the most outrageous of promotions can go global in a matter of moments. That, or the grand opening sans ribbon, going digital with the tap of the ‘send’ button and the use of your spreadsheet.


So cryptocurrency may not have a physical being. It may not be something to fit in the palm of your hand, but such a huge industry needs administration staff and salesmen and women. And that’s when picking up the phone can make such a remote product... personal again!


With a list of all of the most popular and most visited pages for Cryptocurrency, getting the word out about your own new currency and promotions has never been easier. It’s a no brainer when everyone on those pages has a clear interest in the currency. It’s like selling your product to a room full of people who already want it! Build a buzz in moments!


Nobody ever made it huge by going it alone. Well actually, some did. But why do that to yourself when you have all the contacts you need, conveniently based on a platform designed to encourage communication and social interaction? Collaborate and ask the question. That killer business deal with the next huge wave of cryptocurrency may be where you least expect it!

The perks of our Cryptocurrency Mailing List:

By picking up our product, you’ll be granted instant access and download upon payment. No waiting for a physical copy. Your B2B sales lead will be available immediately.

There’s no monthly fee. Updates are completely free, so you’ll be confident you’ll maintain your market advantage for good. Let us weed out the falling ones, and feed you with only the best.

Complete and accurate. In fact, we’re so confident, we’ve even provided a sample for your own judgment!

We’re the best at what we do. How many others do you know can keep these as up to date as often as we do?


Our Blockchain and cryptocurrency email list for B2B marketing is among the top service available on the web today. We are among the best email marketing list providers, our service is premium and 100% efficient. We work with our team expert in blockchain and cryptocurrency for checking and collecting the database. Hurry up! And use our premium service for blockchain and cryptocurrency email list for collecting leads to expand your business in a couple of seconds.

As cryptocurrency is one of the fastest-growing industries today, we make sure you get fresh and updated data. Our service is well revised and tested. We use a variety of ways for collecting our database, from websites to extract emails to researching for the right candidate. We work hard because we understand that your hard-earned money is precious and should be invested in the premium quality database. Don’t miss out on our premium service, awarded to be the best on the web, available for you at a very justified price. Our service would not let you down.

What do our blockchain and cryptocurrency email list for B2B marketing contain?

Our B2B email marketing list for blockchain and cryptocurrency contains the following details for every ID generated is carefully done by experts. Our data is formulated in an excel spreadsheet containing the following data.

  • ID number: 56780
  • Email address: 19317
  • Telephone number: 19279
  • Social media details: 75122

Our is blockchain and cryptocurrency email list is collated from the following sources-

  • From Global search engines,
  • From authentic Business directories,
  • We used Google maps,
  • We used Specialist directories
  • We worked on various social media sites and collected data
  • We did Surveys on the web and other platforms
  • After so many efforts on so many platforms, we finally created this list for you. Our list will help you get leads from all across the world. Our list consists of premium contacts. Your email open rate will be 90%- 100%. Our service is genuine and 100% transparent. Hurry up! and use our premium service, today!

The benefits of choosing our blockchain and cryptocurrency email list for B2B marketing service are given below-

  • No duplication, you can check every data we provide by a unique ID generated for every contact.
  • We give Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn IDs for more ways of launching a campaign and generating leads in a variety of ways.
  • We make sure every contact we provide you is valid and authentic.
  • We make sure that the contact we provide you are 100% authentic and lacks frauds and scammers.

Why choose our site for blockchain and cryptocurrency email list for B2B marketing?

I will give you an inside-out about us in a very transparent way. The reasons to choose us are given below-

  • Our service is the best because we sit with experts for building every list for you.
  • Every list is unique and collected precisely for you.
  • Every list contains specific details that will help you write a personalized email or plan a personalized marketing strategy for you.

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