How to Clean your Emails Using Email List Cleaner

How to Clean your Emails Using Email List Cleaner

Once the website scraper has finished scraping, you can clean your email list using the inbuilt email list cleaner. The email list cleaner will enable you to filter the emails using your set of criteria.

To get started, click on email list cleaner button the main gui (pink button).

You are able to keep emails that 1) match the domain name 2) save one email per domain and 3) remove duplicate emails (by default, the website scraper removes all duplicate emails.

You can enter 1) keywords that either the email username or domain name must contain 2) keuwords that the e-mail username part must contain and 2) keywords, symbols or characters that the e-mail must not contain. For example, you could choose to keep emails that contain "info" in the username and you could exclude emails that contain keywords such as spam, privacy, unsubscribe, whois, privacy, guard, gdpr, dmca, etc.

You can also manually select and delete records from your database.

Once you have cleaned your results, you can export all data by clicking on "Export Data" button or export only emails inside a notepad text file by clicking on the "Export Emails" button.