How to Add your own Private, Shared and Backconnect Rotating Proxies

If you are going to be scraping Google, Google Maps, Yellow Pages, Yelp and other sites, it is recommended that you use private, shared or backconnect rotating proxies. If you plan to run the scraper with many threads, it is likewise recommended that you use proxies. The reason why you need proxies is because most search engines and business directories may ban your local IP which will halt your scraping activity in its tracks.

It is also highly recommended that you use 2captcha remote captcha solving service or connect XEvil to the website scraper. Depending on the total number of threads that you are using, your proxies are still likely to encounter a Google image recaptcha. If it is not solved, your scraping will be delayed and the results will be limited.

To add your proxies, go to Settings -> Proxy Settings

You can add 5 minutes between proxy rotation.

You will need to paste or upload your proxies. You will need to ensure that your proxies are in one of the two formats:



Usually, for the first format (IP:PORT), you will need to authenticate your local IP address with your proxy service provider.

Now that you have entered your proxies, you will need to test them and remove non-working proxies. Simply press the corresponding button.

Once the search engine scraper has finished testing your proxies, you will see a success message.

Do not forget to enable proxies on the main GUI.