Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you can find the most frequently asked questions about our industry-focused B2B databases and software (Search Engine Scraper and Email Extractor, Mass Email Sender and Social Media Software).

How to open a csv file?

To open a csv file, open Excel, go to Data -> from text/csv

What data does each B2B Marketing List Contain?

Each B2B Marketing Database comes in an Excel spreadsheet file format and contains business contact details for different industries including website, email, address, telephone number and social media links.

I need more info about my B2B Database

Click on a B2B Data List you are interested in and then click on the "Additional Information" tab. There, you will be able to see the approximate number of data records, countries covered, file format, approximate number of emails and the date of last update.

Where Can I download the Database I purchased?

Once you have checked out and purchased a database, it will be available in your member's area.

How will I receive future updates to my database?

We are constantly updating each one of our B2B Databases. All future updates will be placed directly in your member's area where you can download it with one click.

Where can I find a change log for my database?

We run a change log at the bottom of each B2B database product page. You will be able to see the latest update and what has changed since the latest update.

My file is in a zip/win rar folder. How do I open it?

You will need to download either win zip or win-rar to extract the compressed files. You can download win-rar for free from

How can I see a sample of a B2B Database?

We provide sample screenshots of each database either within the body on each product page or inside the product image space. You should see small thumbnails containing the sample screenshots under the main product image.

Where Can I find a Guide for your Website Scraper?

You will find our guides for the Search Engine Scraper and E-Mail Extractor towards the bottom of the product page ( Each guide will open in a new tab.

Where can I get Support?

We recommend that you create a topic on our forum and our admins will reply to you. This is a great way of sharing ideas with our community. Here is the link to our official forum: You can also contact us via Skype, Whatsapp, telephone and other means. Just head to our contact page.

How do I access my B2B Database?

Simply place an order and you will receive access to your purchased B2B database(s) and other digital products inside your member's area. All futures updates will be added to the databases in your member's area automatically. You do not need to do anything other than log in into your member's area and download the latest product.

What types of B2B Databases do you offer?

We offer two types of B2B databases: 1) B2B DATABASES OF ALL INDUSTRIES and 2) B2B MARKETING DATABASES BY INDUSTRY. The former database covers all the business niches in any given country. For this database type, you will need to purchase member access to all the USA niche-focused databases. All databases will come in separate files for each niche. With the latter option, you will receive access to a GLOBAL industry focused database with contact details for all the businesses from your chosen industry from all over the world. If you cannot find your niche, we also offer custom B2B data scraping for all niches and countries.

Do you offer custom data scraping?

Yes, we do. You can learn more and place an order here: