What Social Media Can Do For Your Email Marketing

What Social Media Can Do For Your Email Marketing
19 Jan 2021

What Social Media Can Do For Your Email Marketing

Every day, in thousands of offices around the world, digital marketing strategies are planned in isolation. Without realizing it, many opportunities to enhance positive results are missed simply by not thinking holistically. It is time to change our thinking and remember that phrase that what is old is true: "United we are more." Losing yourself around the web you will find thousands of blogs with tips and tricks, but luck is on your side.

The best strategies to integrate Social Networks and Email Marketing

  • Optimize the Social Profiles of your company
  • Integrate your Subscriber Lists with your Social Networks
  • Befriend Retargeting
  • Make Social Networks work for you
  • Include Social Networks in your Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Customize and Segment
  • Capture subscribers through Social Networks
  • Find your promoters
  • Your first step should be to optimize your online profiles. And what better for your customers to know your company as you know it? If in your social profiles you only make an effort to show and sell your products, they will be more boring than a catalog. Show a more human face of your company by sharing photos of those colleagues who make a difference in your office every day. Don't be afraid include emotions in your marketing and point out the warmth of your company."Balance" is the keyword to take into account while optimizing your networks, 80% of content that adds value to your audience and 20% of promotional content of your products and services.

    It is important to put a face to your subscribers as it will help you get to know them better. In order to achieve this, you must include your Email Marketing lists to your networks. In this way, you will no longer talk about email addresses, but about people. Follow them, show interest, discover their passions, tastes and learn from them every day.Over time you will be able to apply this knowledge and generate much more effective Email Marketing campaigns, while multiplying your followers in networks, amplifying the scope of your Digital Marketing actions.

    Remember that most people do not mix work with their life. Facebook has a reputation for being a more personal network than a professional one. Keep this in mind for all the Marketing actions you plan to develop in the Mark Zuckerberg network.

    Just by looking at the reports of your Email Marketing tool you will be able to discover who clicked on the different links of your sent Campaigns. In short, it is possible to generate a list that includes everyone who has shown interest in your products or services.You can export these lists and use them to generate retargeting campaigns on different social media platforms. We are lucky to live in an age where sending the right message to the desired target audience is as simple as a click. Why not take advantage of it?

    There are many retargeting apps and services that you can research to integrate into your websites and marketing campaigns. We recommend that you do so, as you can try to recover 98% of the users who left your website without making a conversion or purchase.

    Finally, keep in mind that Facebook and Twitter are very friendly with these practices and allow you to generate specific ads directed to subscribers including these lists and doing it is very simple and cheap.

    You can generate and maintain several groups, by offering interesting content. Almost without realizing it, you will be opening an interaction forum for your clients and contacts where the main topic of conversation will be your company.In addition, the interesting thing will happen a few days later when the notifications of these groups begin to arrive in the inbox of all the participants without you lifting a finger. These emails usually stay in the inbox for days, keeping your brand present in the minds of subscribers without spending a penny.

    Don’t forget to add the share and follow links in your Email. Remember to identify them correctly. Nobody likes to share content on their social profiles by mistake. Offer incentives for your subscribers and customers to use these Share and Follow links. Offer discounts or giveaways. Do not underestimate the power of playful actions and good humor in any of your Marketing actions. Laughing and playing are essential parts of life, as the great Francis Picabia said: “The spirit works and plays, playing is living as much as working”.

    If you are a veteran of Email Marketing, you surely know the effectiveness of these two strategies. Basically, shaping your message according to your target audience and speaking to each of its members by name, is an advantage that we should not miss. And the only requirement to carry it out correctly is to have your contact lists updated and with as much information as possible about each contact.

    On the other hand, if you have listened to us and applied the second tip that we give you in this article, your Email Marketing subscribers must already be friends or followers of your company on Social Networks. The important thing is that in addition to having added new followers, you have access to a large amount of new information about your subscribers.

    Take some time and analyze this new information. Study their common ground, their language, and for nothing in the world do you think these are minutes wasted. Keep in mind that everything you have learned will be useful to define the themes of your next Email Marketing Campaigns or Networks.

    If you have done a good job unifying your subscribers and contacts with your social networks, it is very likely that their friends will visit your profiles. There is a saying that “Curiosity killed the cat”, although in this case, we prefer to leave it alive and alone and just capture it. The big question is how to attract and add these curious, unexpected visitors to your ranks. For this, it is essential to include Opt-In forms in the form of Facebook Tabs or TwittCards attached to your Twitter profiles. You can find many online tutorials on this and remember that the most important Email Marketing tools include capture forms among their basic tools.

    Just by re-investigating the reports of your Email Marketing campaigns, you will be able to find multiple subscribers resending them. They may not be many, but they are the first promoters of your brand and that is why they deserve preferential treatment. Organize exclusive campaigns, offer them discounts and reward them for their loyalty. Fall in love with them more and more, it's up to you.

    Remember that there are no magic bullets and all progress needs a little effort. We can assure you that if you follow these tips, you will be able to exponentiate the scope of your Marketing actions in a significant way.