Use your landing page to turn your email viral

Use your landing page to turn your email viral
28 Dec 2020

Use your landing page to turn your email viral

When launching a new product, having the right mailing list is of huge importance. The landing page (or the page you "land on" when visiting a website) plays a big role in boosting sales, especially shortly after launch.

Unfortunately, this is one area where companies do not pay much attention. It does not matter how well you manage your multi-channel marketing. If your advertising efforts lead potential customers to a landing page that fails to convert them, even the best campaign in the world will not help you.

The good news is that there are some active tips you can apply today to increase your conversion rate with your landing page.

Here are some tried and tested ways to succeed:

  • Focus on one call-to-action
  • Photo your product in the best possible light
  • Make an offer that they don't want to reject
  • Solve your care with live chat
  • Take advantage of your landing page for a successful launch
  • Typical product pages contain a wide range of call-to-action. In addition to adding the product to the cart, shoppers are often encouraged to look at recommended products related to what they buy or check for additional discounts or promotions.

    While this is good for a standard site, such invitations are an unnecessary distraction from the product landing page. On this page, your focus should be on getting the customer to buy the featured product.

    This concept was illustrated in a study published in the Harvard Business Review. Grocery buyers were presented with displays with six or 24 flavours of jam. The less flavoured display has a 30% conversion rate, compared to the more flavoured display whose conversion rate was only 3%.

    A similar rule applies to call-to-action on landing pages. If too many things distract them, it will prevent them from buying the displayed product. Eliminate unnecessary elements to focus on the product.

    It is no secret that the use of attractive photography is vital for the sale of products. However, many brands make the mistake of assuming that they need to use a certain type of product photography for their landing pages in order to have an impact on the market.

    However, research shows that the "one size fits all" method for photographing products does not always work. A study by growth marketing company KlientBoost compared conversion rates for a specialized hair straightener based on a different product photo. One photo shows a close-up of the product, surrounded by an abundance of white space. The other showed a woman using the iron.

    Marketers are sometimes told that "product use" photos have a greater impact because they help the customer imagine that they are using the product itself. In this case, however, the product usage photo actually reduced the conversion rate by 44%, in part because it does not give a clear picture of the product. For new products, photos should give as much visual detail as possible so customers know what they are getting.

    While you can insert photos showing product usage as part of your landing page, the first photo your customers see should give them a clear picture of what they want to buy.

    To further enhance the appeal of your call-to-action, you may want to consider offering a special discount as part of your landing page promotion. A discount associated with a limited-time offer can drastically improve your conversion rates.

    There is psychological support for using discounts and special offers to increase the conversion rate. The larger the number you can use, the better. According to Allen Samson, Ph.D. at Psychology Today, eager shoppers do not view percentages and prices in a rational, linear way.

    For example, most consumers think a 50% increase in quantity is a better deal than a 33% discount. But in fact the two offers are practically the same thing.

    Make the special offer the focus of your landing page title. Numbered headlines are constantly seen to get a higher throughput rate and attract the attention of customers who visit your landing page.

    Ideally, the text on your page should provide a detailed description of your new product, giving customers a good overview of key features and benefits. However, there are many customers who will want to know more before trying out a new, untested product (especially if your product is so new that you still have no reviews).

    This is where integrating live chat on your landing page can make a difference. Kayako research reveals that live chat with an employee increases conversion by an average of 20%. What is even more impressive, for the customers who use the live chat option, they are three times more likely to make a transaction.

    Live chat is a great resource to answer technical questions or address customer concerns about issues such as warranty or delivery. Providing such peace of mind to customers in real time is key to resolving potential buying barriers before the customer completely forgets about your product.

    An engaging, well-targeted marketing campaign is a good start to launching a product. But you must always have the end in mind. By optimizing your landing page, using insights into various A / B testing ideas, you will be able to determine the page layout that causes the highest conversion rates for your customers.Do not let your landing page be neglected. By focusing on the product that you deserve from the very beginning, you will be far more likely to reach your sales targets.