Unicode Characters, Symbols And Emojis For Email Subject Lines

Unicode Characters, Symbols And Emojis For Email Subject Lines
26 Jan 2021

Unicode characters, Symbols and Emojis for Email Subject Lines

People receive dozens of emails daily from different brands and organizations. In the hustle and bustle of life, they don’t have time to open up each email, read its content carefully and take the desired action. So, email marketers use different techniques to get their emails noticed by the recipient. These tactics include using special characters in the subject line to make it stand out among the rest andmake it appealing enough to get an email open. The special characters include using glyphs, emoticons, and ideographs. It is to keep in mind that special characters are not an image; rather, they are the special symbols from the Unicode characters.

What is a Unicode symbol?

A Unicode is a special character or symbol used in a different language for visually expressing any object or thought. They include ideographs and emojis etc. You must be thinking that does the usage of Unicode special characters have a role in increasing the open rate, click rate, engagement, or conversion rate. The answer is that if you carefully make use of Unicode character symbols, you can make a win in email marketing.

Emojis should be welcomed as a character that can help you craft a more expressive subject line. Emojis are considered an amazing way to express thoughts, and even a day is celebrated as a world’s emoji day. The emojis or special characters help to substitute a lot of words with a more expressive value. So, it is considered a compliment added in the email content to engage the recipients. Have you ever seen an email where special characters have been used in the subject line and the body of the email copy? If so, what is your attitude towards such emails? Do you get intrigued to know what the email holds for you?

Most probably, your answer would be in “Yes,” as the impact of emojisis undeniable. It has been observed that the organization that usesemojis in their subject line owns a unique email open rate.

Why should emojisand Unicode characters be used in email subject lines?

Let’s dive into the detail of reasons why you should use emojis in your subject line.

What to consider before adding Unicode characters and emojis in emails?

Following are some best practices for using emojis in the Subject line.

Stay relevant

When you add any Unicode symbol or an emoji to your subject line, you must make sure that your character or symbol is consistent with your subject line's content. Stay relevant to your topic, and don’t give an impression of beating about the bush through your symbol, characters, or emojis.

Check in the mailbox providers

Check for the various mailbox providers that they allow the characters, emojis, and symbols in their original appearance, the way you are using and sending them? Emojis and characters appear as meaningless text or code in various email clients like Yahoo and AOL.

If this happens with your characters or emojis, then test with different emojis. If the problem persists, exclude your Yahoo and AOL users from the main list and send them a separate campaign without emojis and characters.

For resolving this issue, you need to do continuous testing to see the appearance of your characters and symbols in all the mailboxes that your recipients use to make sure that they receive the best version of your emails.

Don’t overdo it

If you are overusing the characters and symbols, you waste their impact as an excess of everything is bad. Don’t practice this in each of your campaigns, as it will lose the impact. You can use Unicode characters in one email and emojis in the other to stay versatile in your content creation style.

If you are using some Unicode style, stick to one style at a time to ensure harmony.

Keep a check on your statistics

You need to have a complete look at your statistics to look at the efficiency of your strategy. This will give you information that this technique is helpful for you or not.

Conduct an A/B testing

To check your characters' appearance, responsiveness in different mailboxes, and their effectiveness, you need to conduct A/B testing of your email campaign. This can help you get an idea of how well your subscribers are having on your emails whose subject lines contain Unicode symbols or emojis.

How to add emoji or Unicode character

Ifyou don’t know the codes for the emojis and Unicode characters, you can copy and paste them into your subject line. You just need to search for the relevant character, symbol, or emoji and copy and paste it in the subject line. However, you need to check the appearance after you have lived your email campaign.

Final words

If you want any help regarding creating an effective subject line using the Unicode theme or emojis, CBT mass email sender can help you craft the content that your audience wants from you.