Targeted Email Marketing: Strategies To Increase CTR And Open Rate

Targeted Email Marketing: Strategies To Increase CTR And Open Rate
26 Jan 2021

Targeted Email Marketing: Strategies to Increase CTR and Open Rate

Email marketing is among the top marketing strategies in B2B marketing. Marketers invest their budget in email marketing, but most of them leave the tables without getting the possible outcomes. They don't get the expected clicks, and email opens. This happens when marketers target all their customers with the same campaign and treat everyone equally, unaware that one size does not fit all. You need to target different prospects differently by knowing the priorities and understanding the nature of each. You need to show devotion to every customer. For this, you must understand what makes your customer happy and what your audience is expecting from you.

You can know your audience's behavior by asking them about their priorities when they opt-in to your email list. You can send them an email asking them about their interests by explaining the purpose behind getting that information so that you may not appear skeptical. You can use the data collected to design future email campaigns that may help you qualify better leads and get more conversions.

Best practices to increase CTR and open rate

For understanding the efficiency of your email campaign, you need to know the average click-through-rate in the market, which is around 2.5 percent. However, some organization succeeds in reaching up to 5%. You must be interested in knowing that what makes them get double the average CTR.

Many factors are responsible for this. However, such brands follow the best email marketing practices to increase their open rate, CTR, and ultimately the conversions. This article aims at sharing insights on how you can boost your CTR to get the maximum out of your email marketing campaign by effectively moving your subscribers from prospects to customers.

Let's dive right into the details of these email marketing best practices for enhancing open rate.

Clear goal

When you develop a marketing campaign, you must have a clear goal. You have made your email list by making visitors on your website subscribe to your email newsletter. Your audience has subscribed to your email list because they want to listen to you. So, your marketing campaigns should cater to your audience's requirements. Offer them what your subscribers are expecting from you.

Your goal may revolve around launching a product or informing about some update, flash sale, or a limited discount offer. You may have a very simple goal, and that is getting more traffic on a website. Whatever your goal is, you need to make sure that your email marketing campaign is consistent with your goal. Your marketing message should be clear and loud. This will guide your prospects towards a clear action on what is required from them.

Segment your email lists

Every individual in your email list has his own identity, so every individual must be treated separately. If you send your campaign to all your subscribers, you are destroying your campaign by yourself. This will result in a considerable drop in your email open rate and CTR. It happens because all of your audience doesn't want to learn about your every product or service. For example, if you are a clothing brand, women would be interested in ladies' collections, and Men would be interested in Gent's collections. If your send any update about the ladies collection to your Male audience and vice-versa, you are actually annoying them by stuffing their mailbox with irrelevant content.

Make segments of your email lists based onyour audience's demographics and interests and send each list relevant campaign.

Use infographics and images

The use of infographics in email marketing can prove like a game-changer if done properly. It is recommended to use relevant images in the email content. The use of visual background also imparts a very appealing effect to the eyes. You can also add relevant infographics that can help your audience to get to the point by just having a bird's eye view of your email after opening it. Info-graphics present data in a more effective way, and hence the possibility of getting a click increases. The use of visuals opens more doors for further engagement.

Be concise

When it comes to creating content for your email marketing campaign, you need to stay to-the-point and make sure that less is more. Less content has more attraction. People are usually not interested in reading long essays. They even don't have time for this. So, be clear and concise in what you are going to send to your subscribers. Your subscribers must get the idea in no time. Concise content keeps the attention on the goal.

Balanced content

While crafting email marketing content and designing it, you must make sure that your content is not saturated. Keep a balance between the content and the white spacing as this appears pleasant to the eyes. You also need to balance your text with visual content. It is recommended that your text to image ratio should be 60-40 or 80-20.

Create a sense of urgency

The urgency has been shown to enhance the engagement of your audience greatly. When you make your audience feel that the offer is limited or the product is limited, they will rush to grab the opportunity. So, you should make sure that you have created the fear of urgency among your subscribers. In return to the creation of urgency, you are getting the clicks.

Add appealing CTA

You have done following all the above steps, and your subscriber wants to complete the required action. If your CTA is not clear, your subscribers willwander about searching for some link or call through action to click on.

Cleaning of email list

Even if you consider double opt-in for making your email list, some email addresses expire due to a long period of inactivity. You need to clear out such emails from your lists to improve your email open rate and, ultimately, your click-through rate.

Final words

You can craft an engaging email campaign through the practices mentioned earlier. CBT mass email sender can also help you create an attractive email campaign that ensures a higher email open rate.