Subscription Confirmation Email: When Double Is Not A Trouble

Subscription Confirmation Email: When Double Is Not A Trouble
26 Jan 2021

Subscription Confirmation Email: When Double Is Not a Trouble

Do you want to grow your email list for your email marketing campaign? You can do this with pretty much ease, and that is by sharing your email newsletter on your website. This can not only build your email list but also assures that your subscribers would be the relevant people.

After a visitor has subscribed to your email newsletter, he might have a second thought that do I want to receive emails from this brand? Moreover, the brands may think if their customers are real people or if they really want to hear from them. If you are also having similar thoughts, the CBT mass email sender is here to provide you a great solution. That solution is to send verification emails to your subscribers to take permission from them if they really want to receive emails from you. It will inform them that they are a part of your email list and assure you about your subscribers' identity.

Hence, subscription confirmation emails are the perfect solution to increase subscribers' engagement with the brand and let the brand know if the email is fake or real. This article aims at digging out the importance of subscription confirmation emails. Let's get into it.

Subscription confirmation email

When a new user register to your email newsletter, a subscription confirmation email is sent to them to make sure they want to join the email list and receive future emails. Such emails are usually categorized among doubt opt-in subscription emails. Unlike single opt-in, this requires an extra step from the user to ensure a better quality audience.

Types of subscription confirmation emails

There are two types of opt-in confirmation emails.

Single opt-in

Single opt-in means that your visitors have submitted their email address through the newsletter, and they have been added to your email list without further confirmation. This strategy can help you build a long email list in no time as you don't need to validate your subscribers' email addresses before adding them to your email list.

However, it causes some potential harm to your campaign. It may cause spam emails and also decrease the rate of conversion. This is because some people may fill wrong email addresses to enjoy the perks of being a subscriber.

Double opt-in

Doubt opt-in is the subscription confirmation email marketing strategy. In this technique, visitors are not immediately added to the email list. Rather brands send them confirmation emails to make sure that the subscriber wants to receive emails. Once the subscribers confirm, they are added to the email list. It is also known as confirmed opt-in.

It has many advantages over the single opt-in method as it is safe from being spam and also owns a good conversion rate.

Let's dig into the details of the importance of double opt-in.

Importance of Double opt-in subscription

But, you may end up losing your subscribers who don't confirm your validation email.

Importance of subscription confirmation email

Adding subscription confirmation emails to your email marketing strategy can bring about amazing benefits to your business. Some benefits are

The real and engaged audience

When your subscribers confirm their subscription through opt-in, it means they are interested in hearing from you. When included in your email list, such people would build up an engaging audience with more potential to be your customer.

Compliance with Email laws

According to the email laws of many countries, it is mandatory to confirm from the subscribers if they want to receive emails from you in the future or not. Double opt-in ensures two-step validation, and hence this practice is compliant with the email laws like GDPR of EU policy.

Ensure cleanliness

When you ask your subscriber for permission and add them to your list after getting confirmation, you are actually building up a clean email list. Because many people mention wrong or spam emails, which ultimately harms your marketing campaign. Subscription confirmation emails reduce the risk of adding an invalid email address to your mailing list.

Better deliverability

When you confirm a subscription, you reduce the risk of spam alerts and ultimately increase your deliverability rate by combating with bounce rate.

Let's craft a subscription confirmation email that may meet your expectations.

Design a subscription confirmation email

Right after a visitor has subscribed to your email newsletter, schedule your subscription confirmation email. This gives a gesture that you prioritize the choices of your subscribers. Next, you need to focus on writing the content of your email. Few steps need to be considered while crafting a validation email.

Decide your subject line

The subject line is the first thing that your email recipients encounter when they receive your email, and it is the first thing that lets the recipient decide whether they should open the email or not. Your subject line should indicate the purpose of your email. You should ask them to confirm their subscription in the subject line.

Craft the confirmation message

As you want to get confirmation from your subscribers, you don't need to craft long paragraphs. Just stay to the point. You can ask your subscriber about the frequency of receiving your emails and the kinds of emails, and when they want to receive your emails. This can help you develop your segmented lists.

Add a proper CTA

CTA is another factor that drives the action. To confirm whether the subscribers want to read emails or not. You need to add a prominent CTA. The CTA should indicate the effort that they will be required to make after clicking the button. You can also add a confirmation link below your call to action button. This is done as a backup in case your CTA does not work.