SPAM Content to Avoid in Your Email Marketing Campaigns

SPAM Content to Avoid in Your Email Marketing Campaigns
19 Jan 2021

“SPAM” Content to Avoid in Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is one of the digital tools allows sendingdifferent content. Moreover, what user mostly prefer is the easy communication via email marketing. And it is that when we receive an email we are the ones who decide when and where to read it, contrary to what happens with the majority of advertising messages that we receive daily, which assault and bombard us without prior notice.

What is Spam in Email Marketing?

In order to understand how to avoid spam in email marketing, the first thing to be clear about is what exactly it is. Let's look at 3 definitions, from lowest to highest level of detail:

In summary, your commercial email could be detected as spam for any of these general characteristics:

Using text elements that are not well supported by ISPs (email providers) can also cause your shipments to end up with spam. For any of these factors, any of your email marketing campaigns could cause your email address to be blacklisted by spammers, no matter how important it may be to your customers.

These are some of the side effects if you really want to follow an effective email marketing strategy:

Bad reputation for sending and brand image: If your emails are marked as spam, your domain's sending reputation will be affected, and it may even fall on black lists (from which it is very difficult to get out). In addition, this fact gives a very bad perception on the part of users, who will hardly want to trust the recipient again.

High volume of unsubscriptions: When users themselves feel harassed by receiving unwanted information, they will not only mark it as spam, but will also cause an unbalanced volume of unsubscribes from the database.

Metrics drop: If your emails are flagged as promotion or spam by ISPs, your metrics will drop drastically in terms of opens, clicks, etc.

Therefore, avoiding spam in email marketing is a crucial step for any business that wants to follow a strategy in order to gain more customers via email.

Keep in mind that you will never get a spam rate of 0%, but you can reduce the rate by following these 12 tips:

  • Use a legitimate email address to send your shipments, nothing to use free accounts such as hotmail, yahoo or gmail.
  • Don't leave the 'From' field blank, fill it in with a name familiar to your subscribers.
  • Do not use capital letters in the subject of the email.
  • Avoid including amounts or symbols of $, €.
  • There are terms that antispam filters look for to consider them valid or not, "free", "free", "XXX", "money" should be avoided in our campaigns.
  • Use a higher ratio of text than images.
  • Avoid making the content of your campaign all an image: campaigns without text are considered suspicious, and email clients can block images and the content is not visible.
  • Avoid attaching files in campaigns. Instead, upload the files to a server and link the message.
  • Use simple HTML code, avoid inserting javascript, forms…. This will not only help you to avoid spam, but it will also help you in compatibility with different email clients.
  • Make sure you have the consent of your subscribers, a high abandonment rate can affect the popularity of your account, it can even be blocked.
  • Change the content of your campaign, be creative, prevent your subscribers from getting bored and marking you as spam.
  • Make sure that your campaign adapts to different devices, there are currently a large number of users who check the email from their mobile, if your campaign is not displayed correctly it may be marked as spam.
  • The factors to take into account and tips that we have seen throughout this article are the bases of an email marketing strategy without the risk of spam. Beyond this, there are many security options that you can use, which they will recommend applying on emailing platforms. Based on which one you choose to make your shipments, the situations that will arise will be one or the other, but with the necessary adjustments you can avoid SPAM in email marketing much better. Therefore, don't be afraid to explore the possibilities and try different settings. Everything in marketing is testing and experimenting!