Monitor Spam And Good Subject Lines With Yahoo Mail Visualization

Monitor Spam And Good Subject Lines With Yahoo Mail Visualization
19 Jan 2021

Monitor Spam And Good Subject Lines With Yahoo! Mail Visualization

Yahoo Corporation has launched a project that should provide better insight into email traffic within Yahoo networks. Email visualization provides users with a view of the world map with traffic flows and insight into how spam is intercepted and blocked. The project uses a real-time analysis tool based on the Hadoop platform. The tool reports on the areas where network activity is most pronounced. Yahoo Lab engineers Markus Weimer and Andreas Neumann said the project will demonstrate technology used within Yahoo networks and demonstrate the impact it has on Yahoo users. The new technology ishelping to detect unwanted traffic within large amounts of anonymous data, which allows the development of intelligent algorithms to identify malicious senders. The company says the Handoop platform will reduce the amount of spam by 65%. A new tool from Yahoo! it gives you an idea of what is being read on its homepage, as well as what is popular in the past 24 hours. It's actually a gorgeous display that lets you view different faults as to who's viewing what, when and why.

Yahoo! Viewing the Content Optimization and Relevance Engine (CORE) data reveals the many factors that affect the display of articles that appear in Yahoo! Today's Module Emulating CORE's ability to learn from visitor behaviors and return relevant and appropriate content, this data visualization allows visitors to quickly adapt various demographics, as well as article criteria, to reveal typical reader habits and patterns.On the backend, Yahoo! is taking many factors into consideration before showing you news in its "Today" module. According to Yahoo !, CORE records more clicks on Yahoo! homepage than there are words throughout the English language - every ten minutes. By tweaking the timeframe sliders, age demographics, and news category, you can see what stories are shown on Yahoo! homepage and how they are performing in real time. Additionally, you will notice that small animated dots revolve around the visualization and represent news. You can click on any of the dots and you will be able to see the story, how many views it has and a description of who has seen it.

While there is a lot of data to digest here, the visualization makes it pretty easy for any user to interact with it. This is a tool I'd like to see from Facebook or Twitter regarding activity in my streams. Getting busted through links is hard, and while Twitter is trying to change it with its own "Stories" feature, the graphical and interactive approach from Yahoo! Is more fun.

Therefore, if the mail is divided according to the sender and sorted by date of receipt, you can also easily set that, for example, all messages containing a certain word automatically end up in the same folder, separate from the main inbox. In Yahoo Mail you can see a box that says "My Folders" and just click on Add to create a new one. Once the folder is named, the next step is to move messages of a certain type that have something in common to it. To do this manually, select messages from the inbox by clicking on the flag on the left and pressing the "Move" button.

A really simple and useful Yahoo Mail option to use is creating mail aliases to protect yourself from spam. Always going to the options and choosing this time the item Spam you can activate some important functions. SpamGuard is an automatic filter that runs suspicious messages in the Antispam folder and, on Yahoo, there is perhaps the best automatic spam filter you can find on the internet.

The most important function is that of temporary addresses.You can set as many as you want and they are basically email addresses that you can activate and deactivate whenever you want.

Yahoo Mail, along with Gmail and, is by far the best online email service in the world.By opening the Yahoo Mail settings (take the button at the top right) you can discover the most important features and functions which are, briefly:

- Very colorful and beautiful graphics, with the possibility to choose the graphic theme.

- Ability to customize the display of messages making it more compact and opening the mail in tabs, very convenient.

- Ability to add multiple email accounts, even non-Yahoo, to send and receive emails from other addresses.

- Create aliases of the real email address, to be used to avoid spam

- Ability to send large files with Dropbox and add photos and gifs directly to the message.

- Protect the Yahoo Mail login with the second login verification.

- 1TB of space to store messages, which is a huge and almost infinite amount.

Always in integration between multiple accounts, it is possible to write messages with Yahoo mail, send them and be answered on another e-mail account.

In addition to this, in the latest application update it is also possible to:

- Add email addresses to a blacklist of blocked senders, to stop receiving messages from them.

The option can be found in the settings, under Blocked addresses and you can enter a maximum of 500.

- Receive notifications of new incoming mail on your desktop.

This option is also found in the settings, under Email View.Notifications appear at the bottom right on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari when in a tab other than the one where Yahoo Mail is open.

- Searching for emails or content within emails is much better than before and comparable to Gmail, making it easy to search for photos and attachments as well.The search system is then contextual depending on whether you use the application on a smartphone or the site on a PC.

- Ability to connect Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to see more information from profiles and photos of contacts in the address book and in the emails received.

- Ability to send photos using Flickr, by pressing the down arrow next to the attachment paper clip in the compose message window.

- Received photos and videos can be viewed directly inside the message, without having to download or save them on your PC or phone.