Milestone Emails: The What, The Why, And The How

Milestone Emails: The What, The Why, And The How
26 Jan 2021

Milestone Emails: The What, the Why, and the How

Being an email marketer, your ultimate priority must not be to acquire a new and new audience, no doubt. This is an important but not ultimate requirement. To have a successful email marketing campaign and qualify leads, you must build trust among your subscribers and a good relationship. You need to engage your audience through your content. This engagement does not mean that you need to send an email once a week consistently. Rather, it requires some practice to force your audience to open the email and click on the CTA.

We are living in the digital age where it is very easy to get the prospect's data. If you are an email marketer, you can get the customers' information through the confirmation email. But, do you know how you can efficiently make use of this data. Your prospects require personalized content from you because they don't have time to welcome dozens of emails they receive every day from different organizations. If you want to stand out from the rest, you need to complete research to comfort your audience through personalized content. Even the promotional content must be relevant to the interests of the audience. Have you ever thought of sending milestone emails to your audience to build customer loyalty?

You need to consider your business goals and then design your milestone emails accordingly to help you achieve your goals. Your business goal maybe your brand awareness or qualifying leads, getting conversions, or building loyalty among your customers. You must design the content of your milestone emails according to your goal. There are different types of milestone emails. All serve to fulfill some specific goal.

Let's learn from CBT mass email sender what milestone emails are and how you can send such emails.

Milestone emails

When your customer interacts with your brand, he does not know about you. He will go through several stages before making the purchase of any product or service from you. Several steps will be involved in building a trust relationship. Then, to keep that person and make him a loyal customer, he will go through a customer lifecycle. This lifecycle consists of small steps requiring specific action and building the trigger for the next step. For example, when some subscribe to your email list, you send him a welcome message followed by the confirmation email. This is the first step in getting the basic information about the user's behavior and preferences.

A welcome email can be regarded as a milestone email. This is sent to achieve a particular purpose, i.e., getting basic information about the user for guiding the next email. Such emails are called milestone emails. Mostly brads send milestone emails on special events, and these are triggered personalized emails. So, birthday emails, anniversary emails, and other emails of this category are included in milestone emails.

But before sending a milestone email campaign, you must be sure about the answers to few questions.

Let's dig into the detail of these.

What is your purpose in sending milestone emails?

Being an email marketer, whatever you do, there exists some purpose behind it. Undoubtedly, you are sending them birthday email or anniversary email to wish them good luck and make them feel special. But, there always exists some marketing goal behind it. You need to identify whether you need to engage your audience or re-activate your passive audience. You may send them an email to tell them about your product, and you may offer them some discount code for building a good relationship.

What information do you need?

Once making a clear goal of your milestone email, you need to understand what you need to know for sending milestone emails. For example, you need to know your audience's birth dates to send them emails for sending birthday emails. You can ask for this information when your customer fills the subscription form or in your confirmation email.

What will you send in your milestone emails?

Done with knowing the answers to the above-mentioned questions? You need to understand what type of information you need to share or what content should be part of your milestone emails. Craft a clear message and use the relevant content. You need to use powerful and encouraging words in your milestone emails.

When will you send your campaign?

What kind of milestone email you are sending defines when you should send it. You cannot send your birthday emails to your whole email list at a time because each of your subscribers was born on a different day. So, you need to segment your audience based on the birthdates so that you can easily send personalized emails to people born on one day. If you are planning to send your audience some discount offer, you need to send such emails 2 or 3 days before the event.

The need of sending milestone emails

You must be thinking that why you need to send milestone emails. The milestone emails play a more significant role in developing relationships than routine promotional emails.

These are actually an opportunity to

Some examples of milestone emails

Following are some events when you can send milestone emails to your prospects.

How to craft milestone emails?

You can design your milestone emails the same way you craft your confirmation emails. You can either personalize the emails or customize them. For saving your time, you can use pre-made templates.

Final words

Milestone emails are an amazing way to make your customer feel special and ensure that they have the best-personalized experience with your brand.