Let’S Get Viral, Or How To Use Viral Videos In Marketing

Let’S Get Viral, Or How To Use Viral Videos In Marketing
26 Jan 2021

Let’s get Viral, or How to use Viral Videos in Marketing

The exploitation of online social networks and internet media to encourage brand recognition and creating awareness about it or to meet other particular conversions, promotional values, or marketing objectives is viral internet marketing.

Viral content is something that a marketer dreams about. Who else doesn’t wish to get famous? There is some charm if you oryour content go viral, which means people like that most. The same is the case with email marketing campaigns. Email marketers, though, do not drive maximum conversions through a campaign. Still, their mere consent for delivering drip campaigns is that they can make a place in the hearts of their subscribers. Hence, they remember them for the next time when they launch new campaigns or if any of their brand’s email campaign components are well-liked by them, or make it a success to get instilled in some part of their brain, and then this means that they have become successful in creating awareness of their brand. That’s why their ability to create viral content is considered a magical tool to uplift the metrics of their whole marketing campaign.

The most common and powerful content is viral videos. This is because social media platforms mostly entertains the audience through the viral videos and it is the most shared thing on the social networking sites. So videos are the top-notch approach of every marketer, social or email.

How Viral Marketing is Helpful:

Viral marketing is making content that’s supposed to go viral and boosting it through organic shares. There are the following reasons that compel marketers to go for it.

Organic sharing on Social Media

If your content has something unique in it or something that triggers your audience to show it to others, then sharing links or videos on social media becomes organic and social media is where the biggest pool of potential audience is present. So making entry over there, that too, through viral content, is an achievement itself.

Organic Reach

By viral videos, you become able to approach a pool of audiences showing interest in your content. This audience is your organic reach. More the reach you approach, the more are the chances of your campaign to get successful.

Brand Awareness

Suppose your video content gets viral, how would it be beneficial for you. The answer is viral content is always promoting some name with it. Any person, any artist, any politician, or a brand. In email marketing, the significance you will be receiving is that your brand will be recognized by the viewers who have seen it.

Chances of Conversions

When you have approached a great audience, you will be able to build your brand’s recognition. This also builds trust between your brand and your audience, and this credibility makes them your leads. Out of these many leads, you would nourish some, and then you can achieve conversions.

Cost of the Conversions

In the whole process, you have invested nothing. Your content went viral on its own. People share it, and all the clicks, links, and sharing are by the organic audience. All you have done is making that video. So this is the most efficient tool so far.

How to create Viral Video content

There are not any specific hard and fast rules to make your content get viral, but you can follow these few tips to go for building a viral video:

Set a goal

Before you start creating your content, you must set a goal. What is your ultimate goal, as you can’t initiate anything without a clear vision. So you have to decide what will be your ultimate conversion. So when you would be creating your content, you know how to make it.

Analyze your audience

Your audience is your basic reach, your initial achievement, so you have to keep them in mind while making that video content. As if they would like it, then they will be pushed to share it with others. So while setting the goal and deciding your strategies, your only consent should be making it loveable for your audience.

Decide the duration of a video

The message or intention you want to convey through that video should be precisely and accurately integrated into your video content. Your video should not be too long to make it inconvenient to share, neither should it be too short that it can’t completely convey your message.

Add Brand elements to it

The content of your video should represent your brand in every possible way. Use brand colors in your video, or your video content background must have the brand name or band color in it. Add your brand’s logo to it. In this way, you will be able to make your brand recognition by your audience.

Evoke interest

There must be some interesting factors in your video. The topicality should be your priority. Make it fresh, up-to-date, and interesting, as these are the points that make your video adored by your audience.

Add provocation

There should be a provocation in your video. Any element that will provoke your audience to share the video with others. As to have organic reach, these triggering elements are a must for your video.

Build an emotional connection

You must try to build an emotional connection with you and your audience. Anything that could be exciting, humorous, or emotional can trigger your audience to watch it curiously and ending up sharing it.

Optimize your Video content

Your content should be optimized forall devices as people are going to share it on different devices. So the content should be optimized for them all. This will make you avoid the bad perception that your non-optimized content can make.

Final words

If you want any help regarding the usage of viral video content in your emails for increasing the engagement of your audience in the email marketing campaign. In that case, you can consult the CBT mass email sender for any problem that you may face in executing the plan.