How To Write A Killer Email Copy

How To Write A Killer Email Copy
26 Jan 2021

How to write a killer Email Copy:

When it comes to having a successful email marketing campaign, you depend thoroughly on your emails. Thus your email copy is a major part of the campaign's success. You have to nail each of its components. As email marketing has been an integral part of online marketing campaigns, it is important to think wisely when composing it. According to an estimate, there were almost 5.5 billion active users of email accounts, and by the end of 2021, they will be even increased. So when you are approaching such a large audience pool, you have to be wise about what you are sending as that may risk your whole email campaign.

A Guide to writing a killer Email Copy:

Here is a complete guide for you to write a killer email body by following these few steps;

Personalize your email copy

People like to call directly by their name. They love reading the piece of writing that makes them feel like it was written especially for them. So try to personalize your email copy for your subscribers. So when they see an email with their name mentioned on the subject line, they would pick it out of the emails' crowd in their inbox and read them warmly.

Know your target market and compose for them

You should know about your audience, their choices, preferences, and what they have been looking for from your brand. After learning this, you will know them and compose your email copy according to their choice. As you are writing for your audience, you have to persuade them to take a call to action. Segment your email contact list according to their gender, age, or other consent. As they won't be reading those emails that do not match their permission, it is useless to send every email to everyone. Ask them via random surveys.

Concentrate on benefits rather than explaining features

We have seen most of the times that emails we receive from brands explain the features of the product they have launched. We read it and close it but get failed at impressing and pursuing us. As a productive email marketer, your focus should be on your users and your audience. You need to explain that why they should use your product. That is a compelling approach. You have to briefly describe the benefits of the products you are offering, rather than just focusing on the features of the product or your services.

Avoid brand approach and use audience approach:

Although you are composing your email copy as your brand's voice, you should not completely rely on your brand's voice. This approach sounds hard from the reader's perspective. Instead of composing an email in a brand approach, use the audience approach as you have been working for them. Explain your products are significant for them as your brand is just working for them, and their users are the only priority for them.

Keep it precise and accurate

Your email copy should be composed mindfully. You have to define your goal first and the intended message your email is supposed to convey. By this, you will be capable of knowing how to note it down precisely. Choose your words wisely, and they should be exact and accurate. You can divide your email copy into a heading, subheading, bullet points, and short paragraphs as they would support a convenient read for your viewer.

Write a Killer Subject Line

Your subject line is the component that will make out your email stand out among the rest. There are many emails present in your recipient's inbox as they are receiving 90 emails daily. So to make your email stand out loudly among the rest, you have to complete the crux of your email's intended message in almost 25-30 characters as they fit perfectly on mobile screens.

Make sense of urgency

Most of your subscribers won't take your emails seriously until they are provoked that there is an urgent action they have to take and also that they would think they must not miss out on the offer you have mentioned. You can use this as a tactic when you have just launched a new product or have added some coupons on it when your offer or sale is ending or left out with a few more words. When you urge them or create a sense of urgency, they will give it a thought.

Proofread your email copy:

There might be some mistakes in your email copy. Despite composing it carefully, we commit minor errors that we don't realize at that moment, like some little spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. There may be some other misplacements. These minimal things might turn off your readers, and they can leave reading your email copy right away. Before you deliver it to your email contact list, you must proofread it and remove the errors.

Optimize every element of your Email Copy

Almost 70% of emails are opened through mobile phones, so your emails must be perfectly befitting your mobile screen's space. For that, you have to optimize each of its components; the subject line, email body, images, call to action button, etc. Everything should be composed by keeping in view the space your email would be occupying on mobile screens.