How to Use Video Content in your Emails

How to Use Video Content in your Emails
26 Jan 2021

How to Use Video Content in your Emails

Adding videos to your email content has been an effective tool to increase the open rates of email marketing campaigns, according to research conducted to analyze the email campaigns' metrics with and without adding video content in the email body. The derived consequences are that emails with videos embedded in them have 87% more open and click-through rates. This is because by embedding videos, your reader can get the intended message swiftly behind the campaign as it is the human psyche that they can instantly decode the message by seeing visuals.

Video content drives notable results. This makes it a powerful tool to make your email marketing campaigns fruitful. There is no ambiguity in the perception that videos will be a vital component of campaigns in future email marketing. Most email marketers have started implementing today's marketing, and one must not give it a second thought to use videos as a significant add-on in the email body.

Before you add videos to your email marketing campaign, you must look for your campaign's context and send it if you find videos suitable for your intended goal. We have mentioned a guide for adding videos to the email content.

Decide on the idea of your Video

There should be a motto behind adding a video to your email content. Whatever is the theme behind your email should get reflected in your Video. As when you have inserted video content, your viewer will see it as a priority, and if they get the message through it, they will become a warm lead, which is important for conversions.

Add the Brand elements to your Video

Your emails are a great way of building trust and credibility between your brand and your subscribers. So you have to compose them wisely to create brand awareness in your reader's mind. For that, you have to insert every possible brand element into your email content. As this time you are playing with video content, and that too is when you are planting it to grab your viewer's focus and convey your message through Video, you must go for adding brand elements to your Video, like the color scheme, logo, etc. as your receiver would be watching it he would be seeing it continuously and could be a great thing.

Video placement

Look cleverly before placing your Video in the email body. As to make it attractive, you have to select placement and make the background properly before adding it. For instance, you can add it in the middle of the email body and create relevancy. But the most suitable position for it would be your landing page. Add an image of the Video's thumbnail at the end of the front page and insert the link to the landing page where it is actually embedded.

Use Video Captions

You must add captions below the Video and describe it briefly so if your reader stopped the video playing, he can read the caption, and hence he would be able to know the reason behind adding the Video and its relevancy with your intended message.

Your videos should be Short and Precise

You must think about the duration of your Video. It should not be too short to look like a GIF or even should not be long as your reader would not be willing to watch a movie. So briefly saying, your Video should be short and accurate with your message.

Enable autoplay and turn Video's sound off

Tapping or double-tapping a video to play is quite offending for some subscribers, so make it autoplay as the reader will start watching it in the flow of reading email content. Turn the Video's sound off so if the reader wishes to hear from you, they will turn on the sound.

Shoot your Videos professionally

Your videos should be shot professionally as you will use them to convey your brand's image. So you must look for every element in it to build a good image of your brand. Try to add a color scheme in the background that you have used in your company's logo.

Make Video Series

Try to shoot video series just like you design an emails drip campaign. Video series will raise curiosity among your subscribers, and they would be excitedly watching it. Series make your campaign more highlighted, so videos should also be added in a sequence to look professional.

Check Videos before sending Emails

Before you send a video, you must check if it is playing properly or sound problem and check the placement for both devices. Videos are useful, but they may cost you a bad brand image and unprofessional perception about the email marketer if not rooted properly. So check it thoroughly before sending it to your email subscriber's list.

Apply A/B testing methods

AB testing methodology is always a go-to option for almost every email marketer as it enables you to look for the results you are attaining. For instance, when you are trying a tested tool by other marketers but not sure whether it is going to work for your email campaign or not. Before adding it to all your emails of the campaign and waiting for the damage it does to your campaign, you must try it on specific emails and follow up the results. You will surely be able to decide whether to make it a part of your strategy or not.

Final words

Discussed above is a complete strategy that can effectively guide you to add video content to your email marketing campaign. If your still face any problem, you can contact CBT mass email sender.