How to promote an ICO using Email marketing

How to promote an ICO using Email marketing
26 Jan 2021

How to promote an ICO using Email marketing:

An ICO, initial currency offering, or initial coin offering, is a kind of funding by utilizing cryptocurrencies. It is a form of overcrowding where spectators invest funds and gain 'tokens' of the currency. These investors gain their finances back right after the project of their get completed.

ICO's marketing has been banned from all kinds of messaging or discussion forums, and its ad marketing has been restricted on all social media platforms. However, email marketing has come up as a blessing in disguise for promoting ICO (initial coin offering) online.

Significance of ICO emails marketing:

Everyone is not present on social media platforms or other forums, so pitching bans on crypto-related ads is not that devastating. We know everyone has email addresses in the present ages as it is the most basic and competent way of communication for professionals. We can easily target our audience to keep them up-to-date about the fluctuations of cryptocurrencies, finding tenders, delivering projects, and driving optimal conversions, and that all by legal means.

The other benefit is that you can customize your messages personally to grow and nourish your targeted lead individually. This is the most convenient and useful tool you can use to drive maximum conversions in ICO's email marketing.

One more point is its marketing campaign's cost-effectiveness, as email marketing is the least expensive and most useful way of targeting and nurturing your potential leads.

Growing your email contact list for ICO email campaign:

From the above discussion, the significance of email marketing for promoting ICO must have become clear now. The next important thing that appears in one's mind is how they grow their email contact list to practice promoting ICO's through email marketing.

An outbound email list is not good for email marketing campaigns as it provides you a list of uninterested email addresses. They don't know for what purpose their email addresses are going to be used. If you purchase an email list for ICO email marketing, you can't check the quality of email addresses that you are receiving. Most of them would be fake, and others will be uninterested. They can crucially hit your open rate, click-through rate, or even your email spam rate.

You have to growyour email contact list by yourself. Add pop-ups forms or floating forms anywhere on your website or social media accounts for subscribing to your newsletter. Try to add double opt-in forms as they will give you the subscribers interested and excited to know about your ICO's email campaign. You can also add some offers or coupons for cryptocurrencies as a tool of lead magnet. This will take time to grow the email list, but you will get quality subscribers, and nourishing them will drive you optimal conversion rates.

Kinds of ICO email marketing services:

There are different kinds of emails that you send to your investors for specific reasons and develop a healthy bond. Some of them are as follows:

Welcome emails

Welcome emails are sent right after someone has subscribed to your newsletter. You send them greetings and describe your company's services, achievements, products, etc., to mark authenticity and brand awareness about your organization.

Dedicated emails

Dedicated emails are the ones that you send to circulate a specific offer or newly launched product to create awareness about them among your subscribers.

Survey emails

Survey emails contain some questions. These questions involve queries about their preferences, interest, expectations, and feedback. All this is done to boost the bond that has been developed with the subscribers.

Re-engagement emails

Re-engagement emails are sent to the specific subscribers who are inactive with your email drip campaign, i.e., they are not showing interest in your emails or have the least engagement rate. These emails are delivered, and if the results are not good, they are being removed from the list to maintain email list hygiene.

Lead nurturing emails

Lead nurturing emails aim to boost the relationship with your subscribers and guide them properly through email drip campaigns and then convert them to sales.

Transactional emails

A transactional email is sent to the subscriber right after they have taken any action on the website. They are meant to drive more open and click-through rates and involve the customer in engaging with the emails.

Implementation of ICO's Email marketing:

The process of implementing ICO email marketing starts from building an attractive opt-in form. Ask for some helpful information about your subscribers. Do not get personal, and they won't like it, and preferably, they will leave your subscription form. Manage to build a professional subscription form with the most befitting templates.

Segment your list based on different categories or factors like age, language, location, interest, etc. So you would be able to send them only relevant content that keeps up their interest in your brand.

After their subscription, send them a welcome email and write about your company to make it authentic in front of your viewers and developing their trust. Mention your motive strongly in subject lines. Compose your emails properly. Start explaining your project in detail and ask for their interests and feedbacks.

Try offering incentives in between as they work as a lead magnet. They will get motivated to invest in your brand and keep on sharing relevant stuff. Considering them mobile users, you must optimize your emails to keep in mind their convenience. Closely observe the crucial metrics of open rate, click-through rate, or their responses. Try automated tools for email replies to save your time. Send at the most convenient time that drives you the optimal engagement rate. To avoid sending boring emails to your subscribers, try out adding some images, infographics, or videos in your email content. Mention a clear call-to-action. Follow up your email campaign from the start to the end to managea marketing campaign's metrics and change the content accordingly to drive maximum out of your campaign.