How to pick the best font for email marketing: A Concise Guide

How to pick the best font for email marketing: A Concise Guide
26 Jan 2021

How to pick the best font for email marketing: A Concise Guide

You need your website, email, or advertisement to communicate with your customers or the customers you are awaited online. To communicate with your customers, you have several tools at your service like words, images, colors, and so on, which help to put your point forth. The one important tool that does not get the attention it deserves is the font you are using or the typography. The font has a visual psychological meaning. It also has a great impact on how your user understands the content. The marketers must choose the right font when it comes to sending emails. The reason behind this is that it is not just about your email font conveying, but it also has an issue with the availability of the font in operating systems and email clients. It's all about how the font that you have chosen with great understanding will deliver to your users and how your users see or do not see in their email.

Select your Font: Things to think about

Before choosing the font for your email, there are several questions you should answer first:

Fonts used in email

There are several fonts that marketers and designers used in their emails. Based on how the letters of your text are molded, these styles can be separated into four families. These four families are listed below:

Serif fonts1

Serif fonts are usually used in emails, which are taken into account as easy to read. Each character has well-spaced with flourishes on the end of their strokes, and the axis of the stroke is generally inclined to the left. The most commonly used serif fonts are Georgia and Times New Roman. Serif fonts are best used for content offers. It gives actionable vision to the readers. These fonts can also be used to enlist the advantages of the products or services you will launch.

Sans serif fonts

Serif fonts are without the flourishes on the end of their strokes. Characters without flourishes make way for the Sans Serif Fonts. Because of missing stylish strokes in every character, this font has a very semi-formal look. The fonts categorized in sans serif fonts are Arial, Trebuchet MS, Verdana, Open Sans, and Helvetica. When the email consists of a brief written content section, sans serif fonts are used to write an email.

Cursive and calligraphy fonts

To follow handwritten words using a script style and flowing movement, calligraphy fonts are very creative. Calligraphy may be Western, Eastern, or Arabic, each reflecting a language from a different region. It is not so easy in the eyes of the reader to read it on digital screens and less used in email copies. To grab the attention of the reader, make headings in the email. It is observed that readers take it difficult to read stylish fonts. 86% of the readers take a longer time to read decorative fonts. When you are selecting your font style, choose it wisely.

Monospace font

Monospace is the resemblance of typewriter font. There is a block at the end of each character in a monospace font. When it comes to giving the email a rare and essential component, a monospace font is a perfect choice. Some of the fonts which belong to this category are: Courier, Lucida Console, and Monaco

Best font colors for email marketing

Font color helps to highlight your message. It is the best option to select limited colors in your text. The maximum number of the color you used in your text is three, one for the heading, one for the email body, and one to highlight the links in the content. There must be a contract of your choice color with your background color. It motivates and increases the number the readers.


It is concluded that typography in an email is easy if you follow the following tips while selecting the best font. Here are the directions: