How to optimize your Emails for Mobile phones

How to optimize your Emails for Mobile phones
26 Jan 2021

How to optimize your Emails for Mobile phones

Email marketing has become an integral part of every marketing campaign. It is significant in engaging leads and leading them to stick with your brand in the future as loyal customers and make optimal conversions and generate sales. Email campaign goals would be achieved only when your brand’s email campaign made their subscribers a priority and keep in view their convenience. All that you do should be reader-friendly

According to various studies, almost 70% of your subscribers read your emails via mobile phones. This is nearly double the figure that we have acquired from the data of 2010-2015, which was 25-30%. Chances are there that it would increase shortly. So in the prospects of making your email campaigns reader-friendly, you should optimize it for every sort of mobile phone. As the world has been shifting too mobile phones, you have to make every component of your email optimized for mobiles so it would become user friendly

Complete Guide to Optimize your Emails for Mobiles:

Here is the guide that you can follow to optimize your emails for mobile phones:

1. Focus on your subject line’s length

Your subject line is the first thing to speak out for the email present in a crowded inbox. The subject line will be explaining the context to your subscribers. It will be giving your subscribers a reason to pick and read your email specifically out of the email crowd. So your subject line should be compatible enough to pop up on their screen and win their sight. On mobile screens, you have a little space to say your story’s crux. On the desktop screen, you have almost 60-70 characters in the subject line space, while on mobile screens, you have room for 25-30 characters barely, so you have to fix your message right in it.

2. Don't overlook your Pre-header text

Preview text is the first line of your email copy. It comes right after your subject line and is also visible on mobile screens before you open it. Just like your subject line. So it could be helpful to convince your reader to open your emails. But this is the most overlooked side of email. Most people don’t even know what the preview text is. You can write here the statement which can support your subject line’s message. So while we are looking to optimize our emails for mobile phones, we should think about optimizing our preview text for emails.

3. Add a clear and highlighted call to action

Your call to action should be visible. For the subscribers, who are just going to look at your emails for some seconds, give them the reason you have sent them your emails. Add a clear call to action, make the font bigger than the other text, and add enough space. As it happens most of the time when words are stuffed together, you try to click one thing, but you can’t. To avoid any such issues, add some space around your call to action button so they can easily get it and click through your landing page.

4. Choose a responsive template

Choose a responsive template if you are choosing one from your email marketing tools. As in responsive templates, they have already designed the space structure for mobile phones. So you exactly can relate where to place what kind of component. Add accordingly, and you will be able to send your emails to optimize for your mobile phones.

5. Be precise while writing

Considering that you have a bare minimum space on mobile phones to convey your intended message through emails. So use your words wisely. Don’t exaggerate your email’s message. Try to cover it in some words. Be precise while composing your email, and each of your components should be placed wisely. So in case when you see that through mobile, it would look like a little piece of writing. Try to segment your email body in headings and subheadings. Use bullet points to cover your message in just a few words, and your paragraphs shouldn't be too long to read.

6. Give a thought before adding images

Before you add images, you must think about your email's space on a mobile screen. Some of your subscribers would be reading it in just a minute as they would have not enough time to read each and everything. So before you add images, give it a thought whether your audience would prefer seeing them or not. Also that images sometimes make your email game strong as they convey the intent of your email. Info-graphics also works well as they are mentioned with information on it. Add alt text for the image, so if the user has blocked the images, your email’s message won’t get disturbed. Compress your image files so it would get downloaded easily and add small size images.

7. Crosscheck emails before you send

Check your emails before you send them. Check if everything is on point as decided. Sometimes, the format you have planted does not look the same when you send it to your subscribers. So it is important to check your email visibility on every device. As when you have just formatted it on the device, it would seem unfitting on other devices. So before you send it to others, send it to your address and check thoroughly how it looks on the recipient’s side display and also if it has any other kind of mistakes.