How the Postmaster of different Mailbox providers Work

How the Postmaster of different Mailbox providers Work
26 Jan 2021

How the Postmaster of different Mailbox providers Work

A postmaster is a specific tool accessible from mailbox providers. Through it, you can follow your subscribers' reaction after receiving your email, your email deliverability, receive information about the number and type of complaints and feedback or any comments, recognize any errors that happened, and track your users' domain and IP address and check the reputation.

Postmasters of various mailbox providers have specific functionalities. When choosing a postmaster, observe which package is used by most of your subscribers or associate postmasters from multiple email providers.

Guide to set up a Postmaster

Step 1. To see your campaign follow-up data, you have to register with the mailbox provider compatible with your subscribers' choice.

Step 2. Now enter here your mailing Domain and verify your Domain's ownership for the consent of getting registered.

Step 3. Just ensure that your email's authentication is organizedproperly, as postmasters gather information from DMARC records, SPF, and DKIM records.

Look at available Postmaster's features from the top four most liked mailbox providers utilized by English language users.

Postmaster tool for

In the postmaster tool for Gmail users, analytical data is provided in graphs and tables within a time period of a week, a month, two months, and so on. Information is provided when you are receiving enough email traffic on your Domain. And you must send a minimum of 200 emails to analyze your data.

AOL Postmaster tool:

AOL postmaster tool provides you three menu panels:

Popular Links Panel

Error Code

AOL sends you error codes for every undelivered email and also briefly describes the error and actions to take.

Trouble Ticket

After using AOL postmaster, you can report any problem that you analyze for email deliverability issues. AOL gives you a list of undelivered emails and describes the issue. You can create the ticket from the same issue for a given IP address. In another case, you will be blacklisted from the ticketing form.

Feedback Loop Request

By using this panel, you will be able to create a feedback loop for your email volume.

AOL Outbound Mail Servers

Here you will be able to see the changes to AOL mail servers.

Tools & Technical Help Panel

IP Reputation Checker

This to check the reputation of your IP address, whether it is good or bad.

IP Verification

You will see the pathway your email takes after getting delivered by your server, i.e., whether it goes through a proxy server or firewall server.

SMTP Telnet Test

You can access instructions to act this test manually, and this is vital to check connection issues.

Guidance & practice Panel

Here you can see the list of frequently asked questions, tips to improve the sender's reputation and AOL policy requirements, and other technicalities.

Outlook Postmaster tool:

With the outlook postmaster provider, you will be displayed with the information for a selected date. It is slow processing and a while to process data. After sending emails, you will receive the analytics a few days later.

Smart Network Data Service (SNDS)

This feature provides services to give senders access to comprehensive data on email traffic for specific IPs.

Data available for SNDS users comprises:

Yahoo Postmaster tool:

Yahoo postmaster tool does not provide you email performance metrics. The mere option available here is to set up is Feedback Loop. After setting up the yahoo tool master, you will be getting reports on spam rates. You will be able to find other useful information as well:

Wrapping Up:

To ensure that your emails won't end up in the recipient's spam folder, sustain your sending reputation:

Your sending reputation can be maintained by following up your marketing campaign, so utilize your postmaster features, analyze the campaign's data look for the metrics.