Email Testing Tools Worth Using before You Hit Send

Email Testing Tools Worth Using before You Hit Send
26 Jan 2021

Email Testing Tools Worth Using before You Hit Send

You are a modern email marketer, and you have a lot of tasks to do. Testing the emails before sending the campaigns is very important though it may not feel that necessary. Testing emails is not a very time-consuming process, especially if you are getting the opportunity to improve your marketing campaign through testing. It is worth the time, is not it?

Email testing tools test different aspects of emails, including the HTML validation, inbox preview, subject line, and spam score.

This article aims at guiding email marketers to test their emails before sending them through different email testing tools.

The need for email testing

Email testing allows the marketerto compare different aspects of their emails and watch how the subscribers have reacted to the varying elements. You assume conducting a test and then check after the test whether it approved your assumption or not.

Suppose you are not satisfied with your email open rates and want to improve them. You can run a test to check the subject line's effectiveness and figure out the subject line that drives your marketing campaign's best result. You can craft different subject lines, and through the segmentation of your list, you can send varying subject lines to different lists. This can help you improve your email open rate considerably.

Moreover, you can utilize this strategy if you want to lift your email open rate. You can craft a new design for your email and compare it with the previous one. You can run A/B testing to check the effectiveness of each. An email which is visually more attractive gains more click and hence this can guide the sender to craft a visually appealing email campaign. An email testing tool can help you prepare an engaging subject line, previewing email before sending, and many other factors. CBT mass email sender aims to help you develop an attractive email campaign by testing various factors before sending the campaign.

What factors you can test

Few factors need to be tested to check the effectiveness of each. These factors should be tested before sending an email marketing campaign are.

Tools for testing these factors

Different tools offer the testing of these factors. Let's dig into the detail of which devices can test which element, and then these tools' features.

Subject line testing tool

The subject line of any email is very important, and it is the deciding factor whether your recipient will open your email or not. An attractive email ensures an email open and a dull email harms the recipient's reputation. You don't need to send your campaign to see your emails' subject lines' effectiveness as you can test through the tools. Following are the tools that can help you test the effectiveness of your email.

The detail of each of these testing tools is as under


Subjectline can help you test your subject line to increase your open rate and protect you from spam alerts. It provides real-time information and allows you to make decisions related to your subjectline.


The majority of your email recipients read your emails on mobile devices. Checking how your emails appear on mobile devices is crucial for any campaign's success. Testsubject helps you test how your emails appear on the mobile phones of recipients. Even on different phones, the appearance is different. Email on Samsung seems different from that of on an Apple. You need to ensure that the subject line of your email looks good on all the devices.

Email address verification tool

The verification of email addresses on your list is very important to see if all the emails of your recipients are valid or not. This is also done to protect your campaign from spammers. Following are the two most commonly used tools for checking the validation of email addresses.

The detail of both is as under


This tool makes sure that a majority of your recipients have received your email. You upload your email list, and the tools check for an invalid email address. This also provides API for real-time verification of bulk emails.

Email checker

This is a simple tool where you paste the email address to be checked. But this works if you have only a few emails to check the validity and not for bulk email verification. However, through its premium version, you can check the list.

Email preview testing tool

The appearance of an email before sending it is very important. The following tools help to do the preview testing of an email.

The detail of both is as under


It provides a variety of email tests along with email preview and HTML verification. Its main feature is that it runs the test on a fake server to ensure that you will not accidentally send the email to your subscribers. So, it provides a safe testing environment.

Preview My Email

It helps you to double-check your code and provides you multiple ways for testing. You can either directly upload your file or copy-paste your content and then run the test.

Email SPAM testing tool

Spamming of the email is an alarming situation that hinders the success of your campaign. However, you can minimize the spam score by testing your emails through various spam checking tools. Some commonly used tools are

Email on Acid

Due to its amazing features, it has a prominent position among the email testing tools. It offers to test 70 different clients. It focuses on motivating collaboration and appreciates teamwork.


Litmus is a tool that is used on the enterprise level due to its amazing testing quality. It is a very powerful tool, andwith other features, it provides the testing of spam score to minimize it to ensure your campaign's success.