Email Pre-header Best Practices for Improving your Open Rates

Email Pre-header Best Practices for Improving your Open Rates
03 Feb 2021

Email Pre-header Best Practices for Improving your Open Rates

In just three seconds, nothing can happen important in the blink of an eye, but to decide whether to open an email or not. It's enough time for a reader to determine. Three elements have a great impact on this decision-making process. The three elements are:

There we only discuss only one element Preheader text and focus on the aspect "The Why." Let's discuss how to increase your open rates by elaborating the preheader text.

What is an Email Preheader?

An email preheader is also known as preview text. It is a part of the text that puked in from the content of your email. It is shown in the users' inboxes upright after a subject line. The length of the perfect email preheader is about 50 symbols. 75% of your subscribers use mobile phones more often than their laptops or desktop to check their inboxes. The length of preheader in mobile devices would be shorter. Another important point about the email preheader is that the length is usually different for every email subscriber and device.

Best Practices of Email Preheader

While writing a good email preheader, you should not hesitate to look at different real-life examples. You can also compare them with your email preheader. You must have to define the copyright strategies that best meet your needs. But before anything else, let's discuss why it is important to take care of your preheader very much:

It is observed that 24% of email users only read preheaders to decide whether they have to open an email or not. The emails having preheader have 18% higher open rates than those emails that do not have preheaders. So it's best to take examples from some email preheaders for the best practices.

Support the subject line

It is mentioned earlier that the preheader increases the open rates. It can be done if you used the email preheader wisely. To grab the attention of your users, don't forget to expand the meaning of a subject line.

Use subscribers' names

The best key to success in email marketing is to personalize your email. So make your preheaders personalized. If you want to personalize,a-dd your customer's name in your content and preheaders. This means that your users need your more attention. Use this technique in your email preheader to show your user what they expect from you. This will increases the open rates and also grab the attention of your users to open your email.

Ask questions

Add a question relevant to your customers in the preheader according to the emotions of your users. It also boosts up the level of their curiosity. Keep in mind that the answer to your question will be answered in the content of your email.

Add a little discount

Add some really important information in the preheaders to motivate your subscriber to open your email. Add a discount as a teasing bonus.

Be attentive to details

It is important to deliver all the information clearly and easily so that your users don't have any issue in understanding your email content. Here are some simple suggestions:

Mistakes to avoid in Email Preheader

In the mailbox, email preheader text takes a lot of space. This is why it is important to use your space wisely in email preheaders. For this, avoid the following biggest mistakes:

1. View in browser

Viewed browser as a text in email preheader, as it usually appears by default. By doing this, you are losing valuable space that you can use for a holding call to action or some important detail in the content of your email.

2. Repetition of the first line

The first line of your email content should be different from your subject line but should be a continuation of it to make sense. It does not make any sense if you are taking the first sentence from your email content. It may confuse your users if you are using the first line of your email. So don't confuse your customers by doing this.

3. Use the same text in every preheader

Don't use the same text in your every email preheader. If your subject line and the preheader are exact in every email, at first sight, you can't see any difference between the two emails. If you have a chance to attract your user with one more line, then do this.

4. Text repeating a subject line

Another mistake to lose your precious preheader space is to repeat the text for your subject line. Instead of reporting the subject line, add some detail that is used to engage your users.

5. Repeating the text of a subject line in other words

Using the preheader space wisely means using something creative and adding some interesting information instead of repeating the content of your subject line.

6. Unsubscribe text

Never offer your audience to unsubscribe from your emails. Get inspiration from the content of your email to make the preheader. It is the best way to engage your customers with the content and preheader of your email.


When you are creating your email,preheaders do your best. Use the space wisely and add information that will engage your users. The words should be in order. This will increase your open rates. To get the best results to focus on the following practices: