Email Marketing Audit. Everything You Need to Know

Email Marketing Audit. Everything You Need to Know
03 Feb 2021

Email Marketing Audit. Everything You Need to Know

A proper check is required for maintaining the quality of anything. The same goes for email marketing. If you want to get the maximum out of your email marketing campaign, you need to look at its performance, track any issue, and resolve it to maximize the revenue. If you feel like your email campaign is not driving the required conversions at any stage, it means that you need to audit your email campaign. Let's dive into the detail of what email audit is and how you can do it to enhanceyour campaign's performance.

Email marketing audit

Email marketing audit allows you to assess your campaign's functioning to look for how you may improve it by filling the loopholes.

Importance of email marketing audit

You might be thinking that how auditing can help your email marketing campaign and how it can improve your business sales and conversions. Discussed below is a little reasoning that highlights the importance of auditing.

If you run a business, you need a complete marketing strategy to move from one step to the step ahead. First of all, you need to design your plan and then implement it through a pre-defined sequence. Suppose one of your steps is not done perfectly. It can affect the functioning of other steps and hence the whole marketing campaign. So, you audit your campaign to fix any issue in it. Growth and improvement is a continuous process, and there is always room for improvement. The same goes for your email marketing campaign. To make sure that your campaign is optimized, you need to audit it regularly. By regulating your abilities and improving your campaign, you make room for a better next step and yield amazing results. You can assess your campaign strength at any time and improve it further.

Usually, marketers audit their business campaigns to achieve a faster and more systematic way of improving the communication and automaton within the email marketing campaign. CBT provides an email marketing audit that is easy to do and provides a comprehensive way to assess your abilities and give information on what you need to improve. This audit considers the following things.

What to edit in your email marketing campaign

Following are some important points that you need to consider to auditing your email marketing campaign to improve it.

Improving the quality of your email list

Email marketing campaign starts with building an email list. The quality of your email list plays a very important role in defining the effectiveness of your campaign. Normally, marketers send email campaigns to their whole list without segmenting them. This practice often causes a great loss to their marketing campaigns. When you send emails to your entire plan, many people don't bother to open them because you may send emails too frequently.

For example, if you are running an e-commerce business, you need to segment your list based on age, gender, location, religion, and culture. You can get assistance from artificial intelligence to segment your list based on your user behavior and attributes. Through an audit, you can find out the best parameters based on which you are required to segment your list to send your audience only what they are interested in. maintain your email list hygiene to get the maximum output from your quality audience.

Sender attributes

The sender name through which you are sending your emails should be recognizable by your audience. If you use a name that your subscribers have never heard about in your organization, they may consider it spam. You must use a credible sender name. It can be either the name of the owner, the name of your organization, or the sales representatives' name.

You also need to use a credible email address. Your email address must not contain characters that may feel spam. You must avoid sending emails from a no-reply address as it may make you appear to be business-centric. However, your success lies in being audience-centric. Your email audit allows you to figure out the best sender name and best email address.

Subject line

The subject line has a very important role in determining your email open. If you want to get your maximum subscribers to open your email, you need to craft an amazing and appealing subject line. You can check several email subject lines to see which one is most productive. Auditing subject lines and pre-header text mean you make sure that both these entities are optimized.

You are required to personalize your subject line and craft a pre-header text consistent with your subject line to draw the best results.

Email content and layout

The engagement of your subscriber and your CTR depends upon your content. The more appealing and engaging content is, the more clicks, and hence the more conversions happen. You also need to make sure that your email design and layout matched your content and your brand. Your email layout should be easy to understand. Maintain a balance between your texts to image ratio.You must also check your content and design against spam filters to regulate your campaign effectively. Auditing your email copy and email layout helps you to figure out the best practices.

Sending time and frequency

The time at which you are sending your campaign to your audience plays a very important role in determining your campaign's success. You need to make sure that you have found out the best time according to your business for sending emails to your audience. You should avoid sending emails in the busiest and relaxing hours of your audience. However, the best time also depends upon your product type. You also need to make sure that you don't annoy your audience with the flooding of your emails in their inbox. You need to balance your sending frequency as sending very few emails may make your subscribers forget about you. Ask your audience for their preference about the number of emails that they wish to receive at a particular time.

Auditing your sending time and email sending frequency ensures you a high engagement and more conversions.