Best Day and Time to Send Your Emails

Best Day and Time to Send Your Emails
26 Jan 2021

Best Day and Time to Send Your Emails

Email marketing is the core way of doing marketing campaigns for ages, and an email campaign is a proven way of developing a bond with your lead and nurturing the lead and boosting it to generate more sales. Certain factors come to run a successful email marketing campaign. The initial consent is to achieve optimal open rate, click-through rate, and driving engagement with your hot lead or make more traffic to your blogsor newsletter update so you can make conversions.

For all these factors, you first have to make an optimal open rate, and for this, you have to make your subscriber open your emails to stay connected with your brand. The most vital element is your timing to send your emails, whether your subscribers are free to open your emails or if your email passes through their screens or not. So timings matter a lot. This makes your brand's email game strong.

The reason to consider timings while delivering your emails to your contact list is that, according to a study, a person in general receives 86 emails per day. This is a huge number when we consider that we humans give some minutes to look at our email's inbox, so how is it possible to read out the crowd of all those eighty emails. So there might be the chances that our emails might get lost somewhere in the crowd of emails if not sent at suitable timings. We know that users behave differently on different social platforms. When it comes to deciding the best day for sending emails, it becomes quite hard to look up the right day as all your subscribers have a busy schedule in routine life, so the results widely differ sometimes.

To avoid these problems, we have come up with some major indications after analyzing some researches that what time and what day is suitable to send your emails. These are as follows:

The Best Time to send your Emails:

According to some consented studies to know the right day to send your email, we concluded that we should better send our email on the middle days of the week, like Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

The research conducted by different platforms like Mailchimp, GetResponse, Hubspot, etc., tells us the best results for open rates, and click-through rates were derived on Tuesday. It is noteworthy that If you send emails twice a week, then you should mail your second email on Thursday as it will drive quite well open rates and click-through rates. At the same time, Wednesday has come up as the second-best day to send emails in all those cases.

The Best Day to send your Emails:

When it comes to deciding the best time to send your emails, you must consider the following timings suggested by some studies' conclusions to drive maximum traffic to your emails. These timings are mid-morning, i.e., 9 am to 10 am, mid-noon or break hours 12 pm to 2 pm, at 6 pm, or most surprisingly at 8 pm.

In general, the highest number of emails are delivered at 10 or 11 am. As everyone has started their routine jobs and they go to check their emails first. In the break hours of duty, an employee does spare things as they get time to check their emails between 12 pm to 2 pm. In the evening, while coming back home or after dinner, a person usually checks his phone. So these timings were proven effective for sending an email.

The best time to send B2B Emails:

It has been observedthat people tend to respond differently to their personal or professional email addresses as people in their professional working hours or the entrepreneurs tend to check their email's inbox many times a day while hardly checking their inbox of personal address. For both these cases, the best time is 10am and for business purposes, 10 am on Saturday.

The right time to send emails for B2C business:

Some studies that were conducted to know the best time to send your emails to a B2C audience suggested that you send your emails like promotional emails or updating newsletters at 10 am in the morning on mid-week days as employees are fresh in these hours and check their mobile phones with al attentions.

The best time to send Emails to drive traffic to your Blogs:

In the case of sending emails to remind your subscribers to read your new blog for the consent of increasing traffic to your websites entirely depends on when you have posted a blog. Most of the time, people randomly post their blogs without considering suitable timings or days. If you post your blogs at regular intervals or in a complete sequence, you must check the timings that bring you the optimal traffic and then continue to post on that day or time. Otherwise, you should send reminder emails to your subscribers twice a week so they won't miss out on your blog. The best time that drives traffic is 11 am to 12 pm on Tuesday or 7 pm to 8 pm on Saturday as subscribers have time to check your websites and read blogs.

A/B Testing for your email campaign:

You must follow A/B testing strategies as there are not any hard and fast rules to send emails or perfect days or timings with confirmed results when it comes to driving optimal engagement from your email campaign. So you must send trial emails to your subscribers and follow up on the results. By this, you can observe which day or time brings out the best results for your newsletter. It will tell you at what time, or the day your subscribers are free enough or convenient to read your emails. Thus, you can go with those timings.