A/B Testing Ideas for your Email Marketing Campaigns

A/B Testing Ideas for your Email Marketing Campaigns
03 Feb 2021

A/B Testing Ideas for your Email Marketing Campaigns

When designing an email marketing campaign, the scariest phase and a common fear are what if the campaign fails to drive the ideal results? You have some ideas and instincts. But the campaign's success doesn't entirely depend on these two factors. You have to check and follow if your emails are doing well for your campaign or adding or changing some strategies to attain the maximum outcome, and if not, you have to suffer from the ultimate fallouts and failures that your email may have.

As email marketing is said to have the highest return on investment (ROI) rate, this doesn't mean every email campaign would receive the same outcomes for the marketing campaign. To make sure that you reach that ROI rate for your campaign, your try to test new strategies.

What is AB testing in Email Marketing Campaigns

AB testing method compares various methods to attain the best outcomes for the email campaign and achieve the optimal results for certain factors like open rate or click-through rates. This is a kind of test and trial method to check which change befits your campaign.

This is done to alter your email campaign strategies to introduce newness and efficiency in the email campaign. When processes are not working for you as expected, then you go for revising your strategic funnels.

AB testing for Email Marketing

Here we are providing you some of the significant factors of the email campaign where you can apply the AB testing ideas to drive the maximum outcome:

Subject Lines of Email Campaign:

The subject line is the initial part of an email that attracts viewers and grab their attention. So if you are not getting the desired results for open email rates, you must try AB testing by applying different subject line ideas to your email. For instance, you can go for using emojis in the subject line of one or two emails and then analyze if they worked for you or not. Or you can even try some lead magnets in the subject line to check whether they get successful at driving viewers' attention or not. If they make some improvement in your metrics by engaging your audience, then you must carry on apply the tactics to the rest of your email campaign.

Personalized Email Content:

Personalization is the third most hit strategy in email marketing campaigns as it can achieve almost three times more engagement rate than your actual engagement rate. Still, many email marketers did not find it suitable for their email campaigns as some of the highly professional and established brands don't imply personalization to their email marketing campaigns.

Contrary to this, other corporate companies, travel, and tourism agencies, restaurants, etc., find it highly suitable to create brand awareness and bond with their subscribers. So you can try it by applying personalized content to a small group of emails and send it in sequence so that you can observe the results.

Call to Action Buttons

The placements of your call to action buttons matter when you are not getting the desired click-through rates. This is a core part of driving the desires conversions, and conversions are why you are running email campaigns, so without a properly implemented CTA button, your campaign would be useless.

To boost your click-through rates, you should try different positions for your CTA button, where they will be highlighted, and viewers can easily get that and won't skip pressing it. Also, try adding colors to it. After applying it to a small number of emails, you will get the consequences, which can help you decide a perfect placement of the CTA button, whether at the start of the email body, in the middle of the copy, or at the end of the email.


Links are the important element of email copy. These links could be directed to the landing page of the email, where the product is inserted, or to the brand's website, where everything is present. So you have to put your links wisely.

You can try embedding the link in the email body test so a reader, when reading and scrolling, can find the link. Make the link slightly bigger and colorful than the rest. You can also add some space around the link text. This could help your viewer click the link conveniently.

Videos on your Landing Page

If you do not have the estimated conversions from your emails, your ROI can fail badly. If you are getting acquired open rate and click-through rates, but the conversions are not expected, you should apply some alternations in your email's landing page. It should be appealing so that you're your viewers are compelled to avail your services. For that purpose, videos can be a go-to option. Videos and other visuals have the capability to grab focus. They make viewers indulged. But this can make your email heavy. Try adding professionally shoot videos on your landing page and see if they work for your campaign or not.

Timings and Days of Sending Emails

Timing matters a lot when it comes to sending emails, as you are supposed to send it at a time when your recipient's inbox is not crowded with other emails. This will make you have a minimal open rate. Try to send some emails at different timings of the day. Go with the timings that drive you the optimal open rates for your email. When it comes to choosing the right day for your email campaign, you should try weekdays as they are supposed to have the maximum open rates. But these statics could be different for your campaign, so try AB testing for your campaign.