5 Email Marketing Templates that are Real Life Savers

5 Email Marketing Templates that are Real Life Savers
03 Feb 2021

5 Email Marketing Templates that are Real Life Savers

With the highest return on investment rate, email marketing is always a go-to option for small to medium-sized businesses. Not just the overall ROI, but there are other certain factors too, which makes email marketing a must-have online marketing platform.Email marketing still has the highest engagement rate of the audience than any other online marketing platform. A brand has the greatest impact among the audience when the brand email marketing campaigns for its brand awareness. That is why 15% of their marketing budget is allocated for email marketing.

All this would be achieved only when your marketing campaigns' emails would be strong and eye-catching enough to mark their impact on the reader's mind. For that, you must compose strong email copy, quality email content, and an appealing email design. And honestly, designing an email considering all these qualities would take a long period of almost two weeks. That is pretty long. So when you are about to start your email campaign, you must consider using ready-made email templates.

Working of Email Marketing Templates:

Email templates are some HTML files that you can fit and edit in your campaign and reuse it repeatedly as a framework for your campaign. These templates are provided to you by Email Service Providers (ESPs). These pre-made templates outline an email campaign structure as they consist of pre-formatted fundamentals that are images, call-to-action buttons, header, footer or landing page formats, and so on. You can see easily which you can easily insert your content in every part.

Email Marketing Templates that are Real Life Savers

here were are guiding you for 5 email marketing templates that are mostly used and can be lifesavers for your marketing campaign:

1. Welcome email template

A welcome email is a great gesture and warm greeting from your brand to your customers. They drive 4X more open rates and 5X more clicks rate than regular campaign emails. . This is an ideal option to lay the first brick of building a lasting relationship that induces excitement in the viewers. These emails would prove to be an important step to drive maximum conversions from your audience by building a relationship of trust.

This is how you can start your welcome email content:

Jump with a heartfelt message where you would acknowledge an individual for picking your brand. Tell them about your company. So they won't regret choosing your company. Share with them your motive, values, and achievements to build up trust and loyalty.

Add your products in the email or landing page, your popular sellers, or promote any upcoming product or service.

In the end, you may ask your customers some more information about them. This would make it look like that brand is taking an interest in its spectators, and also, you would be able to segment your audience based on it.

2. Product Update Email Template

When you have a new product tolaunch, you have to make your email content compelling enough that your reader would be convinced that this product is for them. For this, you should have a deep understanding of your audience preference and their pain points, and a segmented mailing list would assist you for that purpose. By targeting your relevant audience, you have to explain your product to them.

You should not be just mentioning the qualities and features of the products, that is nothing new or interesting for them. You have to describe how each of its components can help your audience tackle their needs. This is the thing that can force them to order your product.

3. Abandoned Cart Email Template

Abandoned cart emails are lifesavers as it is estimated that 2.75 billion of your online revenue is achievable. That is by reminding your website visitors through abandoned cart emails. Abandoned cart emails are composed to compel the readers to review and purchase a product that they have chosen but didn't buy or forgot to purchase. You should create a sense of urgency or product shortage to make them think about purchasing them instantly.

You can add such a subject line like 'hey, you forgot something!' and later add the images of the product they have selected and left. Explain the features and usefulness to your reader. And add clear CTA like like to the website or buy now buttons. So they would be compelled to revise their decision of leaving the product.

4. Event Email Template

Email marketing is considered to be the single most operative channel to promote any event by 40% of email marketers. To make most of the subscribers interested in your events, you can follow this guide.

Send them an announcement email as a trigger and tell them an event is following them in the upcoming days.

Send them a second email, where you would mentio0n the day, date, venue, exact location, timings, schedule, speakers, guests, and activities planned to be included in that event.

Ensure that this event will be a big blast and they will enjoy and take advantage of it.

5. Promotional Email Template

According to the indicators, 61% of individuals choose to receive promotional messages via emails. So if you have any ongoing sales alert, promotions, coupons, or discount code, you must inform your email marketing subscribers about it. They will serio0usly follow your emails intended message here and would go for taking a call to action. When composing a promotional email:

You must add captivating subject lines to grab your spectator's attention and adding promotional words. It is easy to do. Tell them the sales products that could be useful for them to add images of one product from each category. Tell them how much they can save now.