12 Email Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

12 Email Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid
26 Jan 2021

12 Email Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid:

Email marketing is the most compatible and highly economical way of doing marketing these days. It has been estimated that for every 1$ that you spend on email marketing, it returns you about 44$. It is the optimal ROI (return on investment) rate that you can achieve from marketing campaigns.

Doing casual email marketing is not that fruitful if you do not wisely pick its entire component, and certain mistakes can trouble your campaign. Hence, you have to follow up on your campaign and look wisely to avoid any fallback. CBT mass email sender has mentioned 12 of the most common mistakes that can make your marketing campaign flop badly.

1. Forget to segment your list:

Segmentation is a vital component of building an effective email contact list. This is important for building a relationship with your subscriber as email marketing is beneficial because it connects you and your clients. Hence, they sincerely stay connected to you.

Most email marketers miss segmentation as they do not realize the fruits of segmenting the email list. You categorize the email list based on your subscriber's gender, location, language, or other things and then send them relevant content. Relevant content is important to keep your subscriber's interest.

2. Composing emails content poorly:

Email is the face of your brand, and if it is not professionally composed, this may cause you to build a bad image of your brand. When you poorly craft your subject lines, this would fail to capture your viewer's attention, and they won't simply read it. If your email body is not well composed or your landing pages are not compatible enough to grab viewers' attention, you will fail at driving conversion. And this will ultimately decrease your open rate, click-through rates, and sales generation.

3. Sending too less or too many emails:

If you send too many emails, you are simply annoying them as no one has enough time to read them all because everyone these days has some hectic routine life. So if you are popping up to their screens within short intervals, then you are simply disregarding your brand. Contrary to that, if you send fewer emails, this will take time to build an impression on your subscriber's mind. So you have to maintain a balance.

4. Overlooking Data Analytics:

You should not overlook the data you are collecting during the email campaign, as this is a report to inform you about how your planned strategy is going. In case of any fallbacks, you can compensate for the loss and alter the sales funnel.

5. Non-responsive email designs

Those emails designed with no reply layouts clearly tell their readers that they are just informing and don't want to talk to them. This is quite offending, and your subscriber would stop reading your emails for the next time, so this would be a bad idea to exhibit while doing email marketing.

6. Ignoring Mobile users:

More than 70% of your subscribers will read your emails through mobile phones, and if these emails are not optimized for mobile phones, they would open your email and leave it right there. You should optimize your emails. This may take a while, but worth the results.

7. Missing clear call to action

A clear call to action is vital to drive the intended results. How can you expect a person to avail of the value of the email that you have shared if you have not properly mentioned the direction for them? Tell them clearly in highlighted or colored text what they should do next. So their eyes won't skip CTA.

8. Impersonalized email content

Your emails should be personalized. This should feel like you have specially composed those emails for an individual. Otherwise, you would fail at driving their attention. From your email's subject line to your landing pages, everything should be individually personalized so that your viewer won't skip it.

9. Not following up the campaign:

Many people run email marketing campaigns, but very few of them follow up on their campaigns. If you consistently follow up your email marketing campaign, you will be able to compensate for any drawbacks of your marketing strategy during the course, and if you are planning to see the consequences of your campaign at the end, you may be hit by a great loss.

10. Improper focus on potential lead's interests

Your potential lead will generate revenue for you, so you have to invest all your efforts to convince them to try your products or services. You have to closely observe their shopping behavior or history, everything from your segmented list that could tell you about their interests. Send them relevant content as per interest so they will stay connected to you.

11. Unclick able Links

One major mistake that has been observed in emails is a broken link. Just think for a while that you have composed a killing email, and you have successfully directed your viewer to click through the landing page, but when they click the link, it leads to nowhere because it is not properly built or not attached. It means that you have failed to deliver the purpose behind sending that email, and it is quite offensive for the readers, too, as they have invested time while reading your email, and it is wasted. So make sure that your links are clickable.

12. Sending emails at Odd hours

You should send your emails at the right time. There are not any hard rules when it comes to mentioning the right times for sending emails. You have to try the AB testing method. Send emails at various hours of the day and then go with the timings that give you optimal engagement or open rate.

The most suitable timings for sending emails is 10-12 am, and if you send your emails at the odd hours of the day, your emails would be lost in the email crowd of their inbox as according to a survey, a person gets 86 emails daily in their inbox.

If you want to run a fruitful email marketing campaign, you must consider all the points mentioned above.