Email Marketing Tips for Retailers

Email Marketing Tips for Retailers
28 Dec 2020

Email Marketing Tips for Retailers

Looking to increase your retail sales in an innovative and efficient way? We understand how competitive this industry can be. But competitors are not a problem if your business is in a niche market. In a digital world where consumers have access to any product available online, you must have the advantage that customers will choose you.

Email marketing is a way to keep your customer in touch with your brand. It's a super effective marketing strategy, because it will even consume consumers and lead you back to your store.So, creating an automated set of emails is a good idea to prevent customers for your brand in case of early development.

For starters, if you want to collect e-mail addresses from your users. Review if you already want to get your shopping address, if you have already bought something, but if you use it, if you want to buy it, if you want to buy it, and give you an email address.A great way to collect email addresses is with a pop-up registration window for which you can offer a reduced discount.Include the option to register at the end of your website. In this way, if the user is interested, he will register without any pressure.

You can release an email experience, for example:

- Send the welcome email when the user registers;

- Ask for an email when a product remains in your wish list;

- Require an email when leaving products in the cart;

- When you publish offers and ideas during the holidays and the holiday season

Here are our top 8 tips for increasing retailers:

1. Maximize the potential of information

As Peter Drucker said, "You cannot control what cannot be measured." If you are in retail, remember to measure the effectiveness of your sales and marketing tactics. Here are some simple indicators available with our intuitive real-time performance management tools:

Number of customers and buyers

Of course, one of the key ways to improve retail sales is to increase the number of customers who enter the store. But you should also try to convince these buyers to make a purchase. With access to customer data, you can track your customer / customer ratio and develop ways to improve it.

Sales volume per employee

By tracking the average sales per employee, you can understand who is performing well and who is performing slightly worse. Additional training can be arranged for low-performing employees.

Average sales per customer

If you're looking to increase your sales and cross-sell option to customers, this metric can tell you how effective your efforts are and help drive retail sales.Choose a system that provides real-time data on staff and branch performance remotely and quickly. Also choose a user-friendly interface to provide you and your employees with control over the tasks performed and help in achieving key performance indicators.

2. Using Digital Signage in Your Store

Through the implementation of a digital signage solution, you can make a really strong impression on buyers. In terms of functionality, digital screens should be a clear guideline that helps customers find what they are looking for, whether it be products or a checkout area.How can digital signage be used to boost retail sales?


Use digital screens at the front of your store and share a simple and engaging visual message. Messages should give a clear idea of the store and tell you about special offers and promotions that will attract new customers.

Place of sale

At points of sale where people are constantly queuing up, you can share the latest news with your customers. Why not use the checkout area to advertise your loyalty program? The staff can tell the customer about the details of the program at the time of the purchase and convince the customer to register.

3. Attract new and retain loyal customers to your business

Regardless of which retail sector you are in, it is worth considering creating a customer loyalty program. This will help strengthen your brand image and influence specific customer groups without incurring high costs. By offering discounts and promotions, you will create a growing loyal customer base.

4. Online presence

It is very important these days that stores manage their online presence. This will help increase sales. Online presence includes creating a website that tells everything customers need to know about your unique business and product offering.How to use the site to effectively manage sales?

Optimized for mobile devices

According to MOZ Local reports, more than 50% of mobile searches contain local content. What does it mean? Consumers try to find the stores they want from their mobile devices.

Actively encourage users to visit your store by submitting special offers.

Increase traffic to your store with targeted marketing campaigns that deliver tailor-made personalized content to audiences across different segments

5. Advertising on social networks

In addition to managing views on Google and Yelp, you should consider using advertising tools on platforms such as Facebook to increase your retail store reach and implement an action plan to increase sales.Why is Facebook such a powerful retail advertising tool?


Facebook has access to a huge amount of data and can share it with other advertisers. For example, you can focus on an audience of 18- to 32-year-old women living in London, with an annual income of £ 40,000, who are interested in designer clothing.Once you feel comfortable targeting the company on Facebook, you can increase the reach of your ads. For example, you can advertise your loyalty programs to people who are already fans of your Facebook page.

6. Use Content Marketing

To succeed online, you need to actively involve the target audience, rather than wait for customers will find you.Your task is to find potential clients on the Internet who would like to know about your business. To do this, you need to engage them in the conversation with a proactive approach to content marketing.

What content is engaging your audience?

- Standing

- Useful

- Interesting

- Funny

By providing engaging content, you show the value your messages bring to the lives of potential customers. This way you can control the retail sales process.By leveraging the capabilities you already have, you can be sure you are getting the most out of every customer.

There are four main goals that we should strive to achieve at the point of sale in order to increase retail sales in your store:

- Increase in sales

- Sales channels

- Newsletter e-mail

- Regular customers

We understand the challenges of running a retail store, therefore we suggest to choose one or two tactics, implement them, and measure your success. Then gradually add several others there. When applied effectively, you can build a much smarter and more profitable business.